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Help Me Stay Alive: Man Cries Out As He Battles Cancer


Doctors say the only thing which can help Sebastian survive is a special surgery in India. But hope is fading very fast because his family is unable to raise the eight thousand dollars needed for the surgery.

The family of 31-year-old Sebastian Awudey, a critically ill cancer patient has therefore launched an appeal for support to keep their relative alive.

Sebastian has been battling with bone cancer for five years and doctors say he must undergo surgery immediately to save his life.

But he started seeking medical attention in 2014 when his condition started to aggravate. So far he has visited many hospitals and even undergone 6 rounds of Chemotherapy at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to prevent the cancer from spreading to other organs. That has however done little to bring him relief.

In an interview with Joy News’ Fred Quame Asare, the family recounted how energetic Sebastian was and how he plied his trade as a Multi TV installer in the Volta Region capital, Ho, with zeal.

He had high hopes of getting married and starting a family of his own. He was lively and helpful to all in his community.

His woes started when one day he felt a sharp pain in his right thigh. That was the beginning of the end of his dreams

He is now bedridden and depends on the benevolence of family and friends to survive.

His condition is now deteriorating very fast. His entire right leg is heavily swollen, leaving him bedridden unable to do anything for himself.

The family of the 31-year-old is counting on the benevolence of the public to help finance the medical expenses of their relative in India.



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