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Help A Needy Child This Easter


Easter is just around the corner and The New Publisher reminds us all that it is an ideal time to show love to a child in need.

One does not need to travel far to identity a needy child. They are all around us, some even selling all manner of essentials in vehicular traffic at the peril of their lives just to support their families put food on the table.

We are not necessarily asking for the big figure donations. They are good and fine and very helpful. But we are simply asking for very simply and basic acts of charity like helping a child get a new pair of shoes for school, a new school bag, something to wear to church, a set of reading books, or very simple things we mostly take for granted but are unaffordable to many homes.

It is true Ghana is a secular country but its people are mostly religious and there is no religion that does not support the act of giving to persons in need.

We therefore make this appeal to the persons who have to remember the persons who do not have.

We make an appeal to employers to remember the low level staff who are bending over backwards to feed their homes. A bag of rice here, a carton of fish there, a gallon of oil here, a little envelope with an amount of money there may go a very long way in making life a bit easier for someone.

A startup capital for a widowed wife to start a small trading business to feed her fatherless children is possible if we really put our mind to it.

Sometimes, the amount such persons need as capital is lesser than the amounts we spend on less important engagements or in buying things we really do not need.

Life is unbearable for many persons out there. There are many who have almost given up. Cheering them up by way of support would certainly put smiles on their faces.

There are children all over us who need help. We do not need to know them before we help them.

Many of the persons we see running through vehicular traffic under the scorching sun hardly get any reason to smile. This season is perfect time to put that smile on their faces.

We certainly can make life easier for someone this season and that is the simple plea from The New Publisher.

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