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Herdsmen Menace Need Comprehensive Solution


The President, Nana Akufo-Addo has advocated the need to unveil a comprehensive resolution to deal with the constant conflict between farmers and herdsmen that has led to several casualties in parts of the country.

According to the him, it was not enough to continue to depend on law enforcement to curb the challenge.

Speaking at the Presidential Media Encounter, on Wednesday, the President said, it was important to device methods that would quarantine cattle and ensure that they are properly shepherded.

“…also, there are pure law and order measures that need to be taken to prevent violence to make sure that the herdsman behaves within the context of the laws in Ghana,” he added.

Nana Addo continued: “…we cannot overlook that and that would have to continue until we get from them consistently, behaviours that goes along with respecting the laws of the country,” Nana Addo said.

As part of plans to restore sanity to areas where Fulani herdsmen are in conflict with residence, the president said plans were underway to restore ranches that were initially developed by the erstwhile Kufuor administration.

“The ranches that were initially developed were abandoned and have all fallen into disuse. We are restoring one in in the Afram plain in the Kwahu area and there is a proposal to set up a couple of others in the Ashanti and Eastern regions,” he revealed.

The president said his government was also brainstorming on ways to safeguard the country’s borders from unwarranted entry of cattle into Ghana’s green areas.

“There are matters that we all need to look at and if you have a very effective system of ranching across the country, are you thereby also inviting all the cattle of West Africa to head towards Ghana?

“This is part of the thinking that is going on for us to be able to find solutions,” he submitted.

By: Grace Ablewor Sogbey/


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