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Hohoe Assembly members demand removal of MCE

Some members of the Hohoe Municipal Assembly are calling for the removal of the Chief Executive, Andrews Teddy Ofori, for what they say is his abysmal performance since his appointment.

The assembly members allege that the MCE has been using the Assembly’s Pick-up vehicle in his farm when various departments and officials need a vehicle to facilitate their work.

One of the members demanding the removal of the MCE, Stephen Ahlidzi while addressing the press said MCE’s actions since he took over office have been inimical to the development of the area.

He among other things alleged that the MCE has not initiated any developmental project to enhance the image of the municipality.

“There is nothing we as assembly persons and the people of Hohoe constituency can point to or boast of as his initiatives within the period in focus. All his actions and inactions only negate government policies that enhance development in the municipality. The new pick up given to the Assembly last year to enhance the deliver services of the assembly, has become Mr. Andrews Teddy Ofori’s farm truck and does not serve the intended purposes for which the pickup is given. Meanwhile, there are departments in the Assembly that need vehicles,” Stephen Ahlidzi, who is the Assemblyman for Gbledi Electoral said.

Mr Ahlidzi also alleged that the MCE failed to consult the General Assembly in the formation of the “One District One Factory” (1D1F) Committee and selection of factory types most suitable for the Municipality, with other issues of lack of transparency and accountability.

He alleged that the MCE also took delivery of some street lights without the knowledge of Assembly members and distributed the items without due process with a few wasting away in the Assembly’s stores.

Meanwhile the Municipal Chief Executive, Andrews Teddy Ofori says the allegations levelled against him are false.

He explained that the pickup in question was to be used by the coordinating directors and he had made it available to his coordinating directors.

“The pickups were meant for the coordinating directors. My coordinating directors have a pickup. I don’t keep that pick up for my personal use.”

He further added that his office has been battling to clear the pile of debt left at the Assembly before his appointment.

He said his administration had been adjudged best managing Assembly in the Volta region for five consecutive times indicating, it was doing well.

He said efforts were being made to repair heavy-duty equipment of the Municipality.


Source: Citinewsroom

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