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How To Loose An Election

Judging by the type of decision taken by government in recent times and the style in which these decisions are explained to Ghanaians, it is clear that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in government is overrating its popularity.

Complacency has set in and the party seems to be overly sure that the goodwill it enjoyed when it was voted into power in 2016 is still same or has even gone higher.

If not for such a delusion why on earth is this Government boldly defending the new taxes it has imposed even when every single Ghanaian is speaking against it?

Less than 10 months to elections and government decides to impose a 15% Value Added Tax (VAT) on electricity at a time Ghanaians are already complaining about the high cost of tariffs. The several complaints have fallen on deaf ears that may be opened only by the power of the thumb on election day.

Members of Organised Labour, both in the public and private sectors across the country have registered their anger at the draconian new tax and asked for its withdrawal, government insists it would not withdraw.

Small scale businesses, artisans, CSOs and several individuals have all spoken against the new tax yet government insists it would not be withdrawn.

As if to add salt to injury, in the midst of the public outcry against the ECG VAT, government, through the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has started collecting the heavily criticized fuel emissions levy, approved by Parliament in December.

The carbon levy has been heavily opposed by vehicle owners yet government insists the levy would be collected at all costs.

These taxes have been introduced at a time the country is yet to recover from years of economic crisis and would most certainly increase the burden on Ghanaians.

Times are hard, truth be told. No amount of public relation gimmicks can change this fact. Several attempts to blame the economic hardships in post-COVID effects and the Russian-Ukraine war would absolve the government from blame.

The timing of the new taxes is wrong. The quantum of the taxes is unreasonable. The effects on the average Ghanaian would be unbearable.

Perhaps, persons near the decision makers in the NPP government are not telling them the raw and bitter truth. It could also be that they are being told the truth but they have hardened their hearts and minds.

Whatever it is, they have lost touch with the realities on the ground else, they would dare not introduce additional taxes at this point.

This is certainly not what the NPP promised Ghanaians. You cannot continue to over tax the people in the midst of the economic situation and expect to gain their approval at the polls.

You would get voted out if you continue this way because the electorate cannot bare it anymore and would start to look for an alternative. And if anyone has deceived you into thinking that your approval ratings have not diminished, then please get an independent researcher who would be bold to tell you the truth without fear or favour, affection or ill-will.

You are losing favour with the people due to this stiff-neck, demigod, attitude you have adopted.

If you have run out of ideas or in a hurry to leave office, please let us know.

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