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The Hypocrisy of A Social Gathering Ban


Truth be told, the ban on social gathering in Ghana so as to reduce the spread of COVID-19 is big joke, very highly pretentious and somehow the law enforcement agencies have been selective in how they have handled the implementation of the supposed ban.

There are large sized social and public gatherings happening in several places across the country but the law enforcement agencies never seem to know about such gatherings until social media picks it up as a trending subject and the general public starts to talk about it.

Many of such social gathering events are even advertised ahead of time, yet our law enforcement agencies never seem to pick the signal ahead of the event.

At night, especially on weekends, Accra goes gay with several activities that are heavily patronized and in many instances; such centers cannot even accommodate the crowd. They pack them together like can fish and next day, release them back to mingle with the general public.

There is a place called the Danquah Circle at Osu in Accra; it is located on the Ring Road and it connects the Osu Oxford Street to Cantonments and Labone.

On weekend nights, even in this COVID season and with the ban on social gathering, driving from the Danquah Circle Roundabout towards Labone Junction is just unbelievable as the beer bars on that stretch are bursting with humans. Usually there are too many cars with some even parked in the middle of the roads and along its sides.

The law enforcement agencies are never aware… They would become aware only after it becomes a subject for discussion on social media. They have even stopped checking vehicles if occupants are masked.

There are several similar places all across the nation’s capital. And it makes us believe that Ghanaians living in Ghana seem to have forgotten or perhaps taken for granted the reality that COVID is till lurking around and the least irresponsible conduct could trigger another wave.

Flouting the ban on social gathering in large numbers is not as shocking as the fact that the persons involved in this nation wreaking attitude have also forgotten the reason government made non-wearing of a nose and mouth mask in a public place is an offence.

We are disappointed that the passion with which relevant stakeholders started the anti COVID-19 fight has dwindled and waned.

We are shocked that several eateries, religious gatherings, drinking parlors, and places people converge have consistently flouted the ban yet our law enforcement agencies never seem to see the blatant disregard for the ban.

This recklessness is happening at a time India is experiencing a new wave of the COVID pandemic that is killing humans in that country as though they were house flies.

God forbid, but if Ghana becomes reckless to an extent the COVID wave breaks again, it would be worst than what is happening in India.

We are calling on the law enforcement agencies to man up and stop the nonsensical social gatherings in large numbers and especially the continuous nature of such gatherings. A stitch in time saves nine.

Fighting COVID is both an individual and a collective responsibility. The law-abiding citizens should not stand akimbo and watch unconcerned as the reckless ones flout the COVID protocols and act in irresponsible ways that can put the two groups in the way of danger.

Prevention of an ailment is said to be better than seeking a cure.

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