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I can’t forgive Ghanaians – Beverly Afaglo


Actress Beverly Afaglo has stated the reason behind why she called off donations being made to aid her and family resettlement after losing her Tema Community 9 home in a fire outbreak some two months ago.

The fire occurred on Monday, August 9 destroying property with millions of cedis and in some posts on Instagram in the wake of the unfortunate incident, Beverly indicated that she had lost everything and did not know where to start from.

The incident drew sympathy from players in the entertainment industry with a number of them commiserating with her and others such as actress Nana Ama McBrown and singer Chase supporting financially.

Actress Yvonne Nelson set up the GoFundMe to raise funds for the actress to get back on her feet with a goal of $20,000.

However, the backlash that greeted the gesture was high. While some said there were other people who were more in need of help, others pulled old videos of her hitting back at some people who had called her broke.

Speaking on United Showbiz last Saturday, Beverly said, she asked Yvonne Nelson and other friends who opened GoFundMe account on her behalf to end the campaign because of the abusive and troll campaign which was also initiated by some Ghanaians during that same period.

According to her, she was shock some people decided to jubilate over her situation, adding that, she feels hurt over the whole situation of jubilation which has become very hard for her to let go.

“The reason I stopped the GoFundMe and Momo donations was because of the insults Ghanaians were putting in my injury. You wake up one day and lose everything you’ve worked for – properties, achievements, awards, plaques, documents, citations, newspapers among others all gone just like that. You think about all this and some Ghanaians take it as funny, make videos about my predicament for trends to ridicule my situation, it was hard for me. I couldn’t sleep. Radio stations discussion about my matter wasn’t about sympathizing, they were insulting me, they were making fun of me – all this pushed me to let the whole donation to stop” she said.

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