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I Can’t Promise I Won’t Act Nude


Evelyn Galle-Ansah, a young Ghanaian actress who got her break through Kwaw Ansah’s directed movie, ‘God Old Days: For the Love of AA’, says she is not sure she wouldn’t act nude in movies later in her career.

According to her, it is too early in her career to take such an entrenched position on nudity in films.

Even though she won’t act nude at this early stage of her career, she revealed that she couldn’t say same about the years ahead, adding that it won’t be a smart move to make a hasty promise on that.

“To go completely nude in a film, I won’t say I won’t do it yet because I don’t know yet,” Evelyn said in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE.

“It depends because for now I will say no I can’t act nude. Why because I don’t to be tagged as the actress that exposes herself. Personally I don’t do that. I like to cover up,” she added.

Evelyn Galle-Ansah had her break in 2010 in her debut film entitled ‘For the Love of AA’ directed by Kwaw Ansah.

She is currently featured in TV series such as ‘Table of Men’, ‘Sadia’, ‘Sakumono’, ‘YOLO’ and many other film projects. She is currently a final year choreography student at the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana.

Also, she is signed to Nonstop Africa Entertainment, an intercontinental showbiz company that is focused on the best in Africa storytelling, films, lifestyles, sights and sounds of Africa.

Source: Daily Guide

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