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I Get Hyper For Sex – UCC Girl

Pretty-faced lady, Nana Abena Korkor Addo, the then student of the University of Cape Coast that shot to fame two years ago after she posted her nude videos on Facebook, has called on society to show some compassion and empathy for persons living with bipolar.

The lady said there was a time she suffered from hypersexuality and she found pleasure in seducing and provoking men sexually as a result of bipolar.


Abena Korkor became a subject of news over the weekend after strange postings emerged on her Facebook wall in which names of some 40 men popular Ghanaian men including politicians, journalists and lawyers were said to have had sex with her and paid her various sums of money ranging from GHc2000 to GHC3000 per session.

The alarming revelations caused some panic but persons who know her started to send word round that she may have relapsed into some bipolar related crisis.

Some of the names in Abena’s Facebook postings have threatened to go to court over the matter.

Just when social media went on a frenzy with the jaw breaking allegations on Nana Abena Korkor Addo’s Facebook wall, another video in which she was said to be granting an interview to Richard Kwadwo Nyarko, a broadcast journalist with the multimedia group popped up and Korkor was seen and heard discussing the circumstances under which she published her nudes.


“Sometimes, I still battle with what was really the motivation behind it. In that state, a medical professional would say I was in a hypersexual state. Every normal human being has sexual desires.  You either want to have sex, you either want to talk about sex, you either want to watch pornographic movies or be extra seductive. In a maniac state of bipolar, your sexuality is heightened so we call that hypersexuality”, Abena said in the video.

She continued: “I was in that phase so my colleagues would tell you that ‘Abena does not really use make up but during that state she was using a lot of makeup’. My clothes were tighter, most of the things I do would resonate with sex or seductiveness.

“I remember I went to Casford Hall. Sometimes I look back and I watch the video and I am like, ‘that was a really dangerous thing I did’.  I went to the hall full of guys, I was in shorts and a top, I really did some dance moves that excited the boys and the guys could have pounced on me, they could have touched me in a very uncomfortable manner. But luckily for me all those things did not go on.

“…There were series of things that I did before finally posting that video on Facebook. In that state I was in a hypersexal phase. I did not know I had bipolar, most of my friends did not know, they just thought Abena was just being her happy-go-self, trying to get excitd and trying to get others excited.

I won’t say it’s good and I won’t say it is bad, because itis a state somebody goes into when they are bipolar and they are in their maniac state and they are not on medication. So sometimes even on medication, you might still get maniac. But when you are not aware of yourself or when the people around you are not aware of the state you are, or you cannot really set the boundaries that you are supposed to.

Some people are not too lenient when it comes to these things.  you should know that most of the times, this is not something the person is doing in a conscious state. The person does not even know where he or she finds herself. You are not aware of your surroundings, you are not aware of your thinking sometimes, and you do things that most of the time, you later on regret.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the people and be a little bit more compassionate. Think about the people’s families, think about the people’s friends. if it were you, would you want people to talk about you that way? We are not saying don’t reprimand but do it with a little empathy. Don’t be too quick to judge”

Source: thePublisher

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