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I have no regrets — Lord Kenya

It’s been seven good years since then Rap Heavyweight Champion Lord Kenya gave his life to Christ and there’s been no turning back since he took that bold step.

Saturday, October 28 is the date Lord Kenya was ‘arrested’ by the Holy Spirit and as he celebrates the seventh anniversary of his calling, he tells Showbiz he has no regrets.

“I have no regrets at all, even when I was at the other side I had no regrets how much more now that I have the opportunity to preach?

“It is because of my past that people listen to me so I have become a blessing to them and have no regrets whatsoever,” he told Showbiz last Tuesday.

On how he feels about how far he has come since that fateful day seven years ago, Lord Kenya said, “I feel honoured because it is not something you can say you are qualified to do, it is by the grace of God, we are saved by grace,” were his words.

Lord Kenya had a word or two for his fans, “What do you have in exchange of your soul? Someone did it for you without asking you to pay for anything. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things shall be added,” he said.

Activities for the anniversary celebration started yesterday with sermons by Apostle Sampson Offen, Bishop O.A. Bernard from Holland and Lawyer William Kusi at the Face of Grace Covenant Temple, Ahodwo, Kumasi. It continues tonight with a Word Explosion at the same venue.

According to Lord Kenya, there will be a War Night tomorrow from 9pm to 4am and there will be prayers throughout. The atmosphere will be a bit relaxed on Saturday when The Endtime Movie will be shown to the congregation to show that the end is near. The climax will be on Sunday with a Thanksgiving Service where Lord Kenya will be ordained as a Reverend Minister.

“Though I will be ordained as a minister, I will still be doing my work as an evangelist, I urge everyone to be part of the celebrations because we will have a great time in the presence of God,” he said.

Musicians who will be passing through are Tagoe Sisters, Jack Alolome, Agape Incorporated, Hagar Appiah, Keith Cooling-Woode Williams among others.

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