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I haven’t Snatched Anyone’s Husband – Efia Odo


EVERSINCE she dropped her current boyfriend’s picture on social media, actress Efia Odo has been called all sorts of names implying she has stolen another woman’s husband.

Efia Odo insists her new boyfriend, Kweku Reveloe who she fondly refers to as Rev is not married so she cannot be a husband snatcher.

 Efia Odo has been attacked for stealing another woman’s husband eversince she started sharing pictures and videos of the two of them piling on the PDA on social media recently.

But Efia Odo who is also a presenter on Head Start, a sports programme on Kwese TV tells Graphic Showbiz, Rev as she fondly calls him is not married.

“I have not snatched any woman’s husband. If that is true, why hasn’t the said wife come out ever-since. I told the world I was dating him and even put his pictures up. Rev has never been married and he is not married.

“Yes he has children but he is not married. I do not mind that he already has kids, I have accepted him. I love him and his children are my children too.

“He is responsible and that is why he didn’t secure for abortion like some men would have done. He takes very good care of his children and loves them very much. The man I am dating is very spiritual and very responsible, “she said.

Throughout the interview, Efia Odo who could not hide that she is smitten with Rev added “I am so much in love and  I must say, I was not looking for love, I did not go searching, it came to me. It came to me at a point when I had given up on love, a time when I had concluded all guys are the same and then Rev comes along.

“You know, he is the kind of person who effortlessly checks up on you, calls to ask if you are okay, he is interested in your next action. This relationship is different and I thank God for it”, she added.

While some are attacking her of stealing another woman’s man, some are also happy for her and have even advised her to keep her love life private.

They would want her to keep her love relationship away from social media as she might lose Rev to someone else but the Royal Diedem actress said “ I am not bothered at all, they should come for him, he is not even on social media.

“We have a God factor, how can someone take what God has given me, such people should get a life and stop poking their noses into my affairs. He is a responsible guy and lives a low key life so where are they going to find him,” she questioned.

According to her, “social media does not break relationships, it is God who sustains relationships and we have the God factor so there is nothing to be afraid of.”

Efia Odo is optimistic what she has with Rev will end at the altar. “Everyone enters into a relationship with the mindset of settling down so yes, if it happens, we will take it from there and make the most of it”, she said.

Efia, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the Nyack University in the US says her ultimate goal in life currently is to take her career beyond the shores of Africa.

Born in Ghana, Efia Odo left for the United States at the age of five until she returned to the country a couple of years ago to pursue her passion for acting.

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