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‘I want to go to rehab’ – Actor Joseph Hergurson recounts drug addiction

Actor Joseph Hergurson of ‘Stryke’ fame has appealed to Ghanaians for support to deal with drug addiction.

Hergurson in an interview with Adwene Media on June 5, confessed to abusing drugs such as cocaine for the past two years now.

According to him, although his drug addiction begun in 2021, he was actively involved in the abuse of drugs from 2022, shooting some of his movies while on drugs.

The actor who looks totally different now said he spent all his earnings from acting on abusing drugs.

“Joesph Hergurson got on serious drugs, I’m not talking about weed, I’m talking about cocaine. I think serious drugs, I started from 2022.

“I’ve been on drugs; I have been a drug addict for a while now. This is my current state, I want to go to the rehab and change my life, I need your support, love, attention and care,” he emotionally appealed for support.

Explaining his reason for abusing drugs, Hergurson said: “I kind of felt it released me from the stress because I felt like I have a million talent but where I want to be at that particular point in time, in my mind I was feeling I should have gone far than where I was.”

In an emotional appeal, Hergurson expressed his disappointment in his current state while apologizing to his fans, colleagues and directors hoping to bounce back again.

Hergurson has been featured by Farmhouse production in ‘Stryke’ series and ‘Rumour house’, Shirley Frimpong’s Perfect Picture and ‘Dede’ series, Age 18 series and a couple of other series.

Joseph Hergurson was fast-rising to fame after he was featured by some of the biggest production movies in Ghana.

The actor in his interview mentioned that he will surrender himself for rehabilitation at the Chosen Rehab centre at Achimota to aid in his recovery.

Hergurson has appealed for support in all forms to help him deal with his addiction.

Source: 3news

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