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I went to support my sweet ex- Sister Derby responds to critics

Ghanaian singer Sister Derby has clarified that her recent performance with Medikal at his London show aimed to support a friend and former partner, rather than stir up controversy.

While their unexpected collaboration was a standout moment, it sparked criticism online.

Critics argue that Medikal, amidst marital turmoil, should have refrained from such actions, labeling it disrespectful to Fella Makafui.

But in an interview with blogger, Kwadwo Sheldon, after the concert, Sister Derby, who has a hit track, Too Risky with Medikal said her intentions were far from the speculations and criticisms.

She revealed that, out of courtesy, she accepted Medikal’s formal invitation to perform Too Risky with him.

“Oh, it wasn’t to cause anything, it was basically to support my friend, slash my sweet ex. Yeah, I wanted to come and support. He also wanted me on the show so he invited me and I didn’t have any problem with that. Because we have music together and he’s my friend”, she said.

When asked if they were getting back together, she laughed and said, “Why and how? That chapter is closed!”

Sister Derby responded to critics by highlighting that she and Medikal had previously performed together at Sowutuom and collaborated on the song “Cold and Trophies” even after their breakup.

“You see, the boys that think that way actually wish they were the ones dating me. So they rush into such a conclusion. But the truth is that if you think about it, we’ve performed together after our breakup before at Sowutuom. Yeah. And we also did song “Cold and Trophies” together. So how come they were not asking that then but now?” she added.

She pointed out that those who criticize their recent performance likely harbor jealousy or ulterior motives.

Addressing Medikal’s ongoing marital issues with Fella Makafui, Sister Derby emphasized that she is not entangled in their conflict and does not find it amusing.

She added sarcastically that she had already been “served breakfast” and highlighted that only the pair could explain the reasons behind their problems.

“I have no means jubilating because of their sudden feud and also I have no hand in their marital affairs so if there is something to be explained, it should be addressed by the couple.

“Besides, I was having fun and jubilating when I was served breakfast way before their feud. So as Burna Boy said, ‘Everybody go chop breakfast “, she said.


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