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I Will Keep Doing Me – Sister Afia


Last Saturday, singer Sister Afia, made headlines with her revealing costume when she hit the stage at Ghana Meets Naija which took place at the Fantasy Dome, Trade Fair, Accra.

Just like last year, Sister Afia wore another bodysuit for her performance. Although the Jeje singer may have had a good night vocally, some people were not pleased with what she wore and criticised her on social media with some saying it had become repetitive but she says she is not bothered.

According to her, “When I am going to perform, I look for something that will sell, something that people will talk about, I’m sure if I did not do that, this question will not pop up in our interview. Then again, people should know that I don’t always wear the bodysuit for every occasion.

“When I am performing for those in the corporate world, I wear something different. For this particular event, I wanted something fun, the audience was youthful and I wanted to give them something modern, something they could relate with, the Beyonce, Rihanna kind of thing.

“I am not bothered at all, I honestly do not read such things and it does not scare me. I am still grounded and will continue to give my best to my fans,” she said.

Commenting on her experience on stage, Sister Afia said, “It was amazing, this is my third time mounting this stage, one was in UK and two in Ghana. I had fun and made sure I gave my fans something to take home.

“Again, this is the only time I performed alone, for the previous two, I did it with Shatta Wale but this one, I wanted people to know that I don’t need to ride on anyone’s back to entertain my fans.”

Another thing that did not go unnoticed about Sister Afia on Saturday was her trimmer figure. She explained that she decided to lose weight for health reasons and also to stay sexy.

“Though I am not diabetic, I come from a family of diabetics and so putting on weight is not a good thing, it comes with a lot of issues. I will not say because I do not have it, I will wait, eat anyhow and do anything no, I need to take precautions and that is why I decided to start exercising vigorously and eating well.

“Apart from that, as an artiste, you need to be fit, stay in shape, be sexy and have something to sell. My mom is one of the people who constantly kept reminding me of weight and our family history etc so I just had to listen,” she said.

Sister Afia thanked all who have supported her journey and love her latest track, Slay Queen adding that, they should be prepared for her new video which will blow their minds.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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