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I Will Pay Women To Beat Badu Kobi – Ken Agyapong


MAVERICK POLITICIAN, Kennedy Agyapong, has threatened to organize women groups to invade and demolish the auditorium of the Glorious Wave Church International at Sakumono in Accra and also physically beat up the founder and head pastor, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi.

“If he [Prophet Badu Kobi] dares, I would match women to his church. We will destroy everything. We cannot allow this thing to go on in this country unconcerned.  Do you know the damage he has done to these three tribes and nobody says anything? He says he is doing politics. Let me tell you today, Kobi, Mahama is not in power. If you dare, I would let women drill you.  If Kobi likes, he should dare try.  If he is a man, he should say foolish things and he would see”, an  angry sounding Kennedy Agyapong yelled on his own Televission Statin, NET-2, in response to controversial comments Prophet Badu Kobi had said about women of Ashanti, Fanti and Volta origin.

Mr. Agyapong continued: “We are sitting there and allowing this guy to use the name of God to disgrace women in this country and nobody has come out to condemn this guy.  He is ****. I do not know what is wrong with some women who still attend his church. He is a ****.  The same language heused, we would use the same language for him.  We cannot allow this thing to go on in this country. A whole pastor? And everybody has kept quiet. You go and waste your time in his church. What do you want from God? God has given you wisdom, use it. Why do you allow this guy to abuse you? God is in me and that is why I have risen to stand up to this guy.”

He expressed surprise that the Christian Council of Ghana and persons known to champion the rights of women have maintained zipped lips over the controversial comments from Prophet Badu Kobi.

“Nana Oye Lithur said I had spoken against Charlotte Osei. She was able to organize women, including Queen mothers against me. Where is Nana Oye Lithur? Where is she if indeed she is fighting for women? Where are the Queen mothers in this country? Do we really have women in this country to take on this guy? Ghana I am sorry, the language you do not want to hear, I would give it to you. You said you have a Christian Council, they are bogus. If a politician had said such things, you would have turned Ghana upside  down.  A pastor says such a thing. Who has come out to condemn this guy?”, Mr. Agyapong noted.


Prophet Badu Kobi, during a recent sermon at his church, made the following comments:

“I know Mama Gloria (his wife) would have life. But if anything happens, for me to marry and Ashanti woman, tweaaaa.  When you marry an Ashanti lady, you have inherited problems. I have said it. I would tell you the truth.  I have done research over the years. Fanti ladies sometimes are foolish, but Ashantis, no.  Ayigbe women are too much of doormats. But Ashantis, they are looking for properties, to carry back. Their mother is at the corner, influencing everything.

“I have done my research.  My daughter wants to marry and I have told her that if she wants to go to the marriage and be driven back she should go and behave like an Ashanti girl.

“The Ashanti women do not respect Ashanti men, especially when you are broke. She would dress you from your top and ask you who you are because the mother is always talking to her. I am telling you the truth.  These things I am saying is on Facebook and would remain forever. When you become broke before as Ashanti women, you would see.”


The comments have been largely condemned with some women groups even threatening to march to his church to demonstrate their displeasure at his comments.

But Prophet Kobi has said he is not bothered at all by a section of the public who disagree with him for saying that marrying an Ashanti woman is like inheriting problems.

The highly respect Christian leader has said there is no need to retract and apologize because  he stands by everything he said about Ashanti women is the audio visual  that has gone viral and become an internet sensation.

“We we talk about a tribe; a tribe is qualified by seven things. There is the name of the tribe, there is the attitude of the tribe, there is the passion of the tribe, and they are seven.  What I said last Friday is not about Ashnties. It is about Ashanti women’s inherited attitude.

“I said I have done my research. If you have not done yours, go and do yours. One of the things I found out is that, even when as Ashanti woman is going to marry,  the family tells her, when you go  and things go well in the marriage, bring us something but when things do not go well, come back. The question is what type of marriage you are giving to the person”, Prophet Badu Kobi asked in a response to his critics.

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