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IBF, GBA Judge Quits Over ‘Wee’


A Ghanaian judge at the International Boxing Federation (IBF) Confidence Hiagbe has quit his job for the international body.

This according to him is to purge his conscience as a former smoker of the banned narcotic substance Indian hemp.

Mr. Hiagbe also a judge of the Ghana Boxing Association (GBA) for the past 26 years insists his exit from the job is solely based on moral grounds.

He said “Even though I have stopped smoking wee, at the time I was smoking, it was against the Law which means I have cheated the Government. I may have escaped the Law, but that to me still remains a sin before God and I can only atone for it this early to rectify my karma. So I have stepped down as a boxing judge losing an important avenue of income.

In his resignation letter to the president of IBF dated November 14, 2019, the immediate past IBF judge said “The above two posts are to confirm to you that I know how to smoke wee aka Indian hemp which is against the Law.”

Mr. Hiagbe added: “I hereby purge my conscience by stepping down as IBF Boxing Judge with immediate effect.  You are hereby advised not to schedule any international fights for me again.  Thanks for the time we had together at the Aborigines Hotel, Keta, early this year.”

Later in an interaction with THE NEW PUBLISHER he said he was motivated to go public by the similar confession Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jr, who has confessed to smoking the banned substance, marijuana, “for almost 26 years.”

I am challenging all state officials including MPs who have ever broken the marijuana smoking law to follow my example by stepping down too he argued.

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