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If You Like Me, Please Don’t Text Me —​ CALL ME.


Seriously, just pick up the phone already and stop sending eggplants!

I’m so tired of the texting game, and I’m so fed up with it on so many levels. Don’t get me wrong; I love to text during the day when I may be too busy to deal with much.

But here’s the problem: I have friends I text throughout the day. I have plenty of people who are official text buddies of mine, and we just chat when I need to jog my memory, come up with an idea, or mellow out. I don’t want another text buddy.

If we’re going to be serious, I want to see that you are serious about me. It’s easy enough to text over some picture of an eggplant but would you go the extra mile and just talk with me on the phone?

There is only so much you can say via text , even if you add a million emojis to it. I want to hear your voice . I want to hear how your day was. I want to talk to you and hear about how you’ve been feeling. I want to hear that yearning for something more in your voice.

Seriously. It’s not that hard to press “Dial.”

To a point, I really wish people would understand how important phone calls are . They are so much more personal than texts. Anyone can text nicely, but actually holding a conversation on the phone isn’t something most people take the time to do.

A phone call, when we aren’t busy, is such a welcome respite from a world where people simply text 99 percent of the time. But it’s not only the call’s rarity that makes this a must. It’s the fact that texters suck.

Simply put, texting is lazy. Texting is something that you do when you don’t want to get someone fired, or when you don’t want to put in some actual effort. If you’re texting someone who you’re supposedly into , there’s a good chance that you may be speaking the language of f*ckboys via phone.

It’s noncommittal. It’s aggravatingly vague. It’s the easiest way to have low investment, high return in the world of booty calls. It shows so little commitment and basically twists a girl’s arm into chasing you. Moreover, it’s turned my inbox into a parade of eggplant emojis, and that’s just stupid on so many levels.

I don’t want to put in effort for a person who doesn’t want to put in too much effort to interact with me. It’s bad form, especially if we have been talking for a while, too.

It makes me think I’m going to get ghosted after a while . After all, if he decides to just keep texting, it looks like he’s trying to force things to stay casual so that he’ll feel less sh*tty about being a sh*tty date. And frankly, I’m not one to waste time with guys who I think will ghost. They’re not worth my time or patience.

I know for a fact that I’m not the only girl who thinks this way, either. Most girls I know will not tolerate it from guys who pursue them. It’s a small gesture, but it shows so much more investment than the average man.

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