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I’m not against secular musicians – Moses OK explains

Ghanaian Gospel singer, born Moses Osei Kwarteng, popularly known as Moses OK has expatiated further on his earlier comments that “A true Christian should stop listening to secular music.”

Recall the Gospel Minister recently caused a stir on social media when he said every Christian should stick to gospel music and not listen to any other song that will contaminate their spirituality.

Moses OK speaking in an interview on Onua TV pointed out that Christians have no business in listening to secular songs because it does not edify them.

You can’t listen to songs that do not carry the word of God, songs that don’t correspond with the scriptures. That’s why I don’t encourage people to listen to secular songs,” he said.

In another interview with Halifax Ansah-Addo on Okay FM on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, the Gospel singer who’s now pastor defended his statement again.

According to him, he did not mean to discriminate secular musicians but was trying to explain that a Christian has no business listening to secular music for inspiration.

To this, he said the Word of God or the gospel songs should be the believers’ inspiration for life.

In addition, he said he met one secular musician at a restaurant and he quickly rushed to hug him.

Using scriptures to back his point, the pastor and leader of Truth Chapel Church located in Kumasi, Abrepo Junction, he admonished Christians to guide their hearts against listening to secular music because it could have a very great negative impact on their lives.

“Bible says, we should guard our hearts with all diligence, out of it flows the issues of life. Any information I consume I know it will frame and shape me to become someone I want to be. Paul said, I died and resurrected with Christ and I live for Him. So as for me I live for Christ. Some information can be deceptive.

He added, “They appear to be good but go contrary to the word of God.  As a Christian I do not encourage words that contradict the principles of Christ; we should not listen to them. I am not criticizing circular musicians; I am not against them. I vividly remember embracing a circular musician during the valentine celebration. I am emphasizing that as believers and followers of Christ fill with the Holy Spirit, we should hold on and ingrain the lifestyle of Christ by depending on his information to live our life.”

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