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Introduce Good Healthy Habits to your Kids


There is a growing obesity trend in children with the fast food boom and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

Learning healthy eating habits early prevents a lifetime of weight struggles.

1. Sit at the table to eat

Eating in front of the TV encourages overeating. Set time to eat at the table as a family at least once a week.

2. Be adventurous

Praise children for trying new foods and textures. Eating a variety of food increases the nutritional diversity of your diet.

3. Drink water

Sugary drinks are high in empty calories and can leave kids feeling sluggish and cranky. Encourage your kids to carry a bottle of water with them to sip on throughout the day.

4. Listen to your tummy

Don’t override your child’s natural instinct to stop eating when they’re full. This helps them understand cues of hunger and satiation.

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