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Is Aspiring To Be Wife And Mother Only Demeaning Or Enough?


Often times when men hear women talk about dreams and ambitions, there is rancour.

Older women find if almost repulsive to hear younger women talk about plans and career and how they need to hustle.

And almost all the time, when domesticated women hear the modern women talk about working outside their homes thay are either surprised, out of their wits, sad, judgemental, questioning and sometimes down right angry.

On the flipside too, many career women cannot understand how a fully formed functional woman would want to be only an housewife.

People do not understand how a woman can classify staying at home the entire day as work.

I watched a TV show one time and the women were trying to explain to their guest who happens to be male, how just being wife and mother alone doesn’t define a woman anymore. She insists that it is not enough. Women want and long for more.

The guest countered that if our mothers could accept that wife and mother alone defined the, why couldn’t the hosts accept?

He went on to say whether women like it or not the title of wife and mother is the only recognised title for women even if they had 10 degrees. And needless to say, I found that super condescending, rude and stupid.

While I think that the role of mother and caregiver only isn’t demeaning, I find it absured that anyone should push that it is all women should ascibe to be.

Personally, I have been guilt tripped, shamed, accused of many things simply because I was eager to go back to work after I had a baby. I have seen a lot of women being dragged because they dared to work outside their homes or picked a career at all. We’re still being told to be happy and satisfied with just being married and raising children.

Is that all there is to life? That is the question that runs through such women’s minds.

How come marriage and fatherhood is not enough for men too? Why do they spend hours on jobs or take jobs that will  require them to travel, when they can just open a small shop in front of their house and as long as they can feed and pay rent that should be enough.

Do we even realise that women have brains for a reason? They have drive, passion, interest, dreams etc. Don’t you think these women will be miserable just waking up and sweeping floors and cooking? The constant argument is that “it was enough for our mothers and grand mothers so why can’t being a wife and mother alone be enough for modern day women.”

Here is why, women have a brain and a lot of women will like to harness it. Women have purpose and they need to fulfill it. They have the urge to touch lives beyond their husbands and children.

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