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Is it true that Someone who loves you will never give up on you?


If you pay attention to the opinions people have about several subjects, you’ll find that there several versions of the ‘truth’, some ridiculously far off the mark that one wonders why anyone would believe them in the first instance. On the flipside, some ‘truths’ are not so terribly far off the point, but far off nonetheless. One of such is this belief that someone who loves you will never give up on you.

The idea, apparently is that when someone truly loves you, they never will give up on you, no matter what happens, no matter what you do or refuse to do, and regardless life brings their way or yours. Also, the opinion presupposes that once someone falls in love with you, it is permanent, unchanging and constant regardless of time, life situations, poor choices and other factors.


As ideal and nice as this sounds, it is nothing but a pipe dream, a distortion of what truly applies in real life.

People who love you genuinely today can fall so badly out of love with you in the nearest future. The most constant thing in life is change – never forget that.

Of course, we believe in the romantic, fairytale kind of love too. So we, too, like the idea of a love that is unchanging and forever unfailing but the truth remains that people do fall out of this kind of love and to believe otherwise, to believe that there is nothing that can quench the fire of love in people’s heart is to be delusional.

Poor choices, a refusal to devote efforts, a failure to reciprocate the gestures of love someone has towards you, to be lackadaisical and to prove a bad choice for someone is enough to slowly drown out the love they have for you.

It may take time before that fire burning in their heart for you goes out, but surely it will happen if you allow it.

That love can make someone stay with you, irrespective of everything you do is an opinion filled with nothing but a truckload of crap. Don’t play yourself, people, don’t believe things like this.

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