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It Looks Like A Coup, It Smells Like A Coup, It Is A Coup

The Military intervention in Zimbabwe is clearly unconstitutional and cannot be an accepted part of any constitutional democracy.

The soldiers left the barracks one fine night and without any invitation to join in governing the country, decided to seize the country’s broadcasting house and announce to a shocked country and to the shock of the world at large, that it had taken control of the country and placed the constitutionally elected President, the good old Robert Mugabe under house arrest against his will.

This uninvited interruption continued for days yet he intruders claim it is not a coup although it has the smell, trappings, traits and characteristics of a coup. 

It is true that many, or most persons the world over, are of the view that Robert Mugabe has stayed too long as President of Zimbabwe. Many even believe, and rightly so, that he is a freedom fighter turned tyrant.

No matter his errors and undemocratic gymnastics, THE PUBLISHER is of the very firm opinion a military intervention is certainly not an option.

It is not something that should be encouraged or tolerated in anyway or form.

Soldiers have no business meddling with force in the political administration cum governance of any constitutional democracy.

Mugabe certainly has his set of issues and misdeeds but two wrongs does not make a right.

We can only hope and pray that Zimbabwe comes out as one strong and united country in these challenging times.

Mugabe, has worked very hard for the country. He has a good legacy which should not be destroyed through this brute military intervention.

Africa must speak. The continent must be heard to be condemning the clear constitutional breach. The feeble murmurings from one or two sons of Africa is not enough to send the much-needed signal that soldiers should remain in their barracks.

If the people of Zimbabwe are fed up with Mugabe, they have their thumbs to kick him out at the next polls.

But at age 93, Mugabe should have known better that he has outstayed his welcome.

What else is there at the Presidency that he is yet to see? Yes, he is still strong in mind and in his thinking but physically, Mugabe has grown frail, weak and feeble.

Why would he not voluntarily bow out of the stage now that there is still some applauds?

While we all wait for him to do the most appropriate thing, we state in very clear terms that we are against the military intervention in principle. 

Source: thePublisher

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