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It Was Hard Into The Music Industry – DONZY



It is often said that you give up on your dreams at your own peril. If Mark Zuckerberg had sold Facebook as were suggested by some of his friends, he would have regretted big time today. Now he is counted among the richest men in the world all because he stood firm and never gave up on his dreams.

The same case is the interesting story of Musician Donzy. He has shared a detailed account of how he made it into the highly competitive Ghanaian music Industry amidst the hardship.

“I will say it took me years to get the attention from my peers and the Industry players. It wasn’t easy but no one said it gonna be easy so I had to push hard”

“I didn’t give up on my dream despite the numerous trouble I was facing. Today those people who told me was disturbing them with my songs have now turned to be my loyal fans. I give glory to God that I didn’t give up” – – – he revealed in a tweet.

He thanked God, his cherished fans and Ghanaians for their massive support in the Industry all these years.

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