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It’ll take time for Mzvee, others to shine again after leaving Lynx – Richie Mensah


Chief Executive Officer of Lynx Entertainment, Richie Mensah, has said due to the lack of proper industry structures for independent musician’s amount to the reason why artistes who depart from his record label finds it difficult to shine again.

According to him, all musicians who have over the years left his label lose a strong team and will take time for them to rebuild a new strong team.

He made this known in an interview with JoyNews’ Doreen Avio.

“I need Ghanaians to stop being hard on artistes who leave the label and expecting them to perform at the same level they were performing at the label. Let me break down, the lynx structure to you, there is me, the CEO plus creative director, we also have a business development manager who decides all the business that comes in and out of the company so when a Lynx artiste is working, all these things are being handled for them. When they leave the label, they do not have this. So now, they are doing all this on their own, which is difficult.”

He added, “We only have this advantage because; we have been operating successfully for the past 14 years, so some of these salaries we are paying are from what we did years ago. We will invest now, knowing that we will make it back later. We have grown to be a big company that can afford to do all these things. There is a whole mechanism behind this. When the artiste loses this and they are working on their own, it will take time for them to build a strong team and operate on that level”

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