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Iwan: Ghanaians forget hardship during elections

Musician, Iwan Suhyini has opined that Ghanaians have short memory so they easily forget certain critical issues in the country during election period.

Citing a typical example, the reggae artiste said politically, Ghanaians forget the economic hardships they’ve suffered when it’s time for elections.

In an interview with Amansan Krakye, the music producer stated that during an election year people easily forget the sufferings they’ve endured during the previous years.

He remarked “Ghanaians have a short memory and so we easily forget certain critical issues and what some people have done for us in this country.

“Let’s use our political system for example, we will suffer a lot of economic hardships in this country for three years and just a year to the election we forget.

“The same government that has caused the suffering will say something or change a certain policy and through that, they will win the people back,” he added.

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