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Jaundice Cases among newborns escalate in Volta Region

In a recent news report, it has been revealed that jaundice among newborns is on the rise in the Volta Region.

Data indicates a notable escalation in cases over the past years. Specifically, there were 720 reported cases in 2019, followed by 879 cases in 2020, a rise to 997 cases in 2021, and a further increase to 1238 cases in 2022.

The surge in neonatal jaundice cases across the country is attributed to multiple factors.

Despite the escalating trend in the Volta Region, there’s been a notable reduction in mortality rates.

This decline is attributed to heightened awareness efforts among healthcare professionals and mothers, facilitating early detection and treatment of jaundice cases.

Despite the low mortality rate, newborn jaundice affects a staggering number of infants worldwide each year, with approximately 6 out of 10 term babies and 8 out of 10 preterm babies developing jaundice.

The Head of Paediatrics in charge of Sub BMC at the Ho Teaching Hospital, Dr. Richard Bright Danyo, in an interview with Citi News, said cases are on the rise due to unsustained awareness of the issue.

Dr. Danyo emphasized that newborn jaundice can be prevented and urged parents to remain vigilant in identifying its signs in their infants.

While acknowledging the decline in mortality rates, he expressed concern about the insufficient equipment at the facility to manage these cases effectively.

Dr. Danyo appealed to authorities for assistance in addressing this issue.

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