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John Mahama says his 24-hour economy is not by force

Former President John Dramani Mahama has said that the 24-hour economy idea that he proposed to implement if he is elected as president again, will not be imposed on businesses but rather a voluntary policy.

He stated that businesses will be encouraged to sign onto the policy.

“I envision a 24-hour economy where hospital facilities, filling stations, manufacturers, construction companies, garbage collection companies, mining and extractive industries, agro-processing, harbors and ports, financial services, digital start-ups will operate a three-shift system 24/7 in an atmosphere of safety and security.

“This 24 hour economy I propose will be voluntary, it will not be imposed. Businesses will be encouraged to sign up with tax incentives provided for them and enhanced security and lower electricity tariffs after peak hours. Special meters will be deployed to provide what is known as time-of-use tariffs to deliver cheaper power to such businesses during the hours of especially 10 AM and 6AM,” he said while speaking to Catholic Bishops in Sunyani on Saturday, November 18,

He further said that the 24-hour economy is meant to create jobs for all Ghanaians.

“The 24-hour economy I proposed is for jobs and more jobs,” the flag-bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) stressed.

Mr. Mahama proposed the ’24hr Economy ‘ project when he met with officials of the country’s mother workers union on Tuesday, November 7, 2023 at the start of his engagement with key stakeholders in a quest to return to power.

Dubbed ‘Building Ghana Tour’, the interactions with the stakeholders is to apprise them of the policies the next NDC administration will implement to transform the economy.

He said “NDC was left alone as the solitary voice seeking to hold the government accountable and speaking up for the voiceless Ghanaian and we were often cast out as spoilt brats who were ranting just because we have lost power.

“Today, the chickens have come home to roost and we are all affected.”

Earlier, he promised to build a cashew processing factory in Wenchi.

Addressing a gathering in Wenchi on Friday, he noted, “Currently, cashews are harvested and exported to India for processing before distribution to other countries. The Indians profit more from cashews that we have struggled to plant and harvest.”

“My leadership aims to introduce machinery in the Bono Region dedicated to cashew processing, designed for the efficient processing and packaging of cashews for export. This initiative is to retain any profits from cashews in the country,” he added.



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