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I have taken the pain to listen and watch the Joy News report on MenzGold in the United Kingdom and observed the commentaries being ran by some Ghanaians in the traditional media and on social media on this matter.

It’s very sad that almost all the people writing about this development have failed to listen to the report very carefully and subject same to critical thinking and analysis.

I will be the last person to be surprised about the unfortunate conclusions drawn by Ghanaians and the undue affirmation they think this report gives to their initial believe that MenzGold is a scam.

Of course, how can a prejudiced mind objectively assess a report albeit the glaring loopholes and shoddiness thereof?

Nonetheless, let me hasten to add that this piece does not in any way pronounce MenzGold business and mode of operations as legal and appropriate, neither does it declare same as illegal and scam.

The fact is, I’m dangerously deficient in this matter and sincerely, I have rarely followed discourse relative to this MenzGold brouhaha. That notwithstanding, I believe that Joy News latest report on this matter in the UK doesn’t give credence to the already lingering concern about MenzGold perpetuating fraudulent scheme and I will tell u why.

Now, let’s disintegrate the report and analyze it very carefully.

The report said that access to Berkeley Square House – the building purported to house MenzGold UK branch – is highly restricted and that he (the reporter) has to “pose as a businessman seeking to take up office space” in the building.

This claim and disposition by the reporter leaves much to be desired because before entering the building he said “I’m going to go into the office to find out whether I can probably buy some gold”.

So why didn’t the reporter go straight to MenzGold office as he said and had to deceptively assume a character that positioned him in a manner that rendered him incapable of entering the office of MenzGold? Couldn’t he have just said that he want to make inquiries about how to trade gold at MenzGold and head straight to their office?

What he did can be justified if only MenzGold office was highly restricted and the only option left for him to get closer to the office was to pose as a businessman looking for office space. But sadly, the office of MenzGold seems not to be a restricted space per this same report and the reporter could have gone straight to the office as he said he will do.

If the reporter could access all the empty office spaces and floors of the restricted building, what on earth could have prevented him from accessing just one office, the office of MenzGold?

The reporter claimed that he saw two ladies who “looked Ghanaian” emerging from the office of MenzGold and that was the only clue they could pick up from MenzGold branch in UK.

What wisdom is this? What else could you have gathered since you didn’t enter the exact office?

Again, the report claimed that when he went into the offices, thus the empty offices, “there was not much to see”. I ask again, what much could he have seen since he failed to enter the exact office?

Now, it’s an established and uncontested fact that the reporter didn’t enter the office, yet he claimed again that “its a small office space”. Really! How can u measure the size of MenzGold office space without entering it? And also does one need the size of Stamford Bridge Stadium to ran a business? He dropped this line in the report ostensibly to create confusion in the minds of unsuspecting followers and create a picture that suggest that no business is going on in the said office space.

On the matter of the absence of signage or billboard indicating the existence of MenzGold in that building and the comparison to the narrative here at MenzGold offices in Ghana, I think the reporter would have made himself more convincing if he had shown other companies in the same building who have billboards/ signage at their offices aside those on the name plate ran by the management of the building which comes with a fee.

What I know is some buildings are not allowed for billboards/ signages to be engraved on them.

Lastly and the most funny of all is when the reporter said that he called MenzGold Ghana to find out if he can be connected to someone at MenzGold UK branch to speak to. This is preposterous and laughable because the reporter claim he saw two ladies coming from the MenzGold office. So what prevented him from talking to them?

In conclusion, I believe that Joy News invested huge sums of money for a reporter to travel to UK and come up with a very sketchy, lame and loopholes riddled report that cannot be taken as evidence to say that MenzGold has no operational office in the UK.

It’s very unfortunate that the catastrophe created by using a lame report to nail a “fraudulent” settings is thriving in a space dominated by literates.

We do this always and dent people’s image and collapse businesses.

Ok bye.

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