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JUSTICE NOOK: Sad Demise Of Talent – Ebony Reigns


… Forgive me if you’re uncomfortable with talks about death. Honestly, that’s all what I was thinking about after I woke up last Friday to the demise of talented dancehall Artist Ebony Reigns. On bed that early morning, I had a call from a cousin around 5am, his aim was to feed me with the unfortunate news.

I denied and told him, will get back to him later. I then tried calling other fellows if they will tell me different story, I called Manasseh Azure, a boss and mentor who works at Multimedia Group of Company and he confirmed that indeed the “Sponsor” hitmaker had left us. I still didn’t believe until I again spoke to Arnold, entertainment pundit who was sobbing on the phone and said;”Walker my girl is dead o!”.

There and then I screamed, “Jesus this cannot be true!”. Suddenly, I started shaking. I asked myself how will such a vibrant and talented young lady like Ebony, who has endeared herself to many in her generation, could die in such a sudden and brutal manner.

I became shocked, my feet were norm, How on earth could this happen? How could death lay its wicked icy hands on Ebony, a young woman with sole-impressive music career.


I asked those questions so many times but no answer and I wasn’t the only one asking. I was in dis-belief and so were others. All she had was a year in the music Industry and an album full of hits. How then will someone who sort to reach her topmost level in her music career in 2018 be dead in February, just few days to her 22nd birthday–Can you understand this because I can’t.

Ebony Reigns during her short career produced a lot of hits which got all people including market women dancing. Her creativity and delivery on the “Maame hwe” song got almost everyone loving her more despite her flaws, in the song which she addressed domestic violence and how women are being abused in various homes by their husbands.

As her fathers joy, no interview went without not Ebony talking about him. Mr. Opoku Kwarteng shares who her daughter Ebony was after the demise. “Ebony was so amazing, A girl you’ll love to have as a daughter. She was so special and that was the reason she was named from day 1 as Ohemaa,trust me;Ohemaa was Ohemaa”.

Ebony’s death is a tragedy which it will take long before getting over. For the meantime, tears continues to flow for Ebony who President Akufo-Addo describes as someone who had a promising career. She was definition of female dancehall and the 90s bad girl who has now become a member of the unfortunate group of musicians who died during their prime time. Terry Bonchaka, Suzzy William, Vibrant Faya and many who have become sign post of how bad roads keep robbing our country of precious souls. Today, Ebony who is her father’s queen is no more. Tribute are pouring from all over, even those tributes are not enough to ripe the damage death has caused. A damage so graved Ghanaians are yet to come to terms with. She was on a bill to perform the catchy songs that earn her that huge admiration outside the country.

Dear Ebony, permit me to bother your ears at a different environment from this earth with my writings.I want to leave you to rest well but the painful part of your departure? I’m to believe you were the bread winner of your family. Unfortunately, you were not born an American but rather a Ghanaian. In this country, there are no proper publishing and royalty structures here.

AM curiously still wondering if your family can or will benefit from the numerous hits you created and the massive airplay you enjoyed and will continue to enjoy. On the other side, am optimistic you are smiling wherever you’re currently. You know why? A lot of 20 year olds have died in this country,none was able to get the whole country talking and mourning like yours. That’s not too much of an achievement tho but you left a legacy at 20.Look at it from that angle.

Perfection will remain a pursuit and never an end till we meet our maker. Ebony had her mistakes but there are definitely lots of lessons, young ones like myself and you can learn from EBONY.


The young lady at 20,was living her dream. In that case, she examined to many that no matter how young you are, one can still live their dreams and make a global impact if only we can find our God-given talents and pursue them with zeal and passion. It is said that, the grave is the richest gold mine in the world because there are many people there who died without realizing their multi-billion dollar dreams. Don’t go and add to the wasted billions. Be like Ebony;live out your dream. Step out of your comfort zone, push the limits no matter the criticisms. Don’t give up and live out your dream. That is how we can make an indelible mark for this generation.

At age 20, Ebony Reigns was in the run to become first female Artist of the Year at this year’s VGMAs, if not for the cold and wicked hands of death. But even in her death, she still remains the favorite of the public for the topmost award,and she could even be crowned in death. This should permit you to ask yourself;What legacy am I leaving if I passed on to eternity today?


Don’t Joke with prophecies. The most dangerous spiritual gifts of God is the ‘prophetic Ministry’. It is a dangerous zone, TRUST ME!!! Prophecies mean a lot, don’t joke with one when they come your way especially when it has to do with death. Appreciate even when a commoner get a dream about you. I’m not a prophetic inclined person, I don’t live my life on it but don’t joke with any. I repeat, don’t joke with any when it comes your way.


Our roads are in a devastating mood and nerds to be fix. Our politicians do campaign on bad roads and solicitude for votes but end up abandoning it. Large portions of our roads are very lighted although each time, citizens pay their electricity bills and part goes to ostensibly cover for street lighting. Is about time, we get angry at authorities for the murderous nature of our roads. Man holes, non existing markings, no street lights and many others causes accident every now and then. Drivers and citizens pay toll booths every now and then, but its strange to find dilapidating stretches just before and after toll booths and no one is hold accountable. Yes accidents do happen but in our case, the basic unavoidable things is what causes it.


This sudden demise should also teach us that, we need the salvation of our souls and the coverity of our maker. The Bible teaches us to “remember our creator in the days of our youth”. You have no idea when the breath of life will be taken from you, so it is really useless to waste your exuberance years running away from your maker. Seek rest for your soul in eternity. It is as well greater to stay close to your maker and live for him because he is the God of both the living and death. Place where one will spend its eternity is more important than the life on this earth. Think of this, what at all is the hassle all about? The hurting each other, being jealous and doing every thing one can to destroy one’s happiness,the betrayals, the disappointments—what at all is all that?? Why then do we do all these to each other on this earth which is not ours, eternity is needed.

The death of Ebony is an enormous loss. These are hard times for the parents. The enormous of the loss will be different on everyone depending on how Ebony touched them with her 20-years old life on this planet. Death is the biggest irony of God’s creation. It happens everyday but it still remains a mystery. It can happen to anyone–young or old, rich or poor, Saint or sinner, healthy or sick, – – – yet we are always unprepared for it. While we mourn Ebony, or any loss of friends or relative, we should console ourselves with the biggest lessons death teaches us. If there is any benefit of death, then that is its constant reminder to the living about the things that really matters while we have breath. She would not go with her cars, clothes, house or any property she acquired in this short decade of life. What matters is the legacy and where she’s heading to. Tributes started pouring for her since her departure, have not heard anybody made mention of her material possessions. They are all talking about her character, how humble some say she was and how she touched many with her God-given talents.

Like Ebony, we are all living in hotels. We don’t know when, where and how we will be compelled to check out without any notice. When it’s time to leave, we will go empty handed. We will go with no material thing. What will matter most in our unannounced exit will be the impact we make in the lives of others during our stay.

EBONY, If you can see the sorrow and tears on the faces of Ghanaians, can you please do as a favour and wake up. If you don’t, then we are left with no choice than to say goodbye even when we are not ready to.


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