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K.T. Hammond Misfires Over $510 Ameri Deal

A thorough study, devoid of emotions and prejudice, of official documents covering the agreement and contract terms of the power purchasing agreement between the Ghana government on one hand, and the Africa & Middle East Resources Investment Group (AMERI) on the other hand, makes its clear the company is suffering an unfair harassment and trial by media which could not only dwindle investor confidence in Ghana but possible cause the country an avoidable judgement debt to the tune of $2 billion.

Member of Parliament for Adansi-Asokwa, K.T. Hammond is moving to get Parliament to rescind its ratification to the contract and agreement between Ghana and AMERI although he, K.T., was the very persons that seconded a motion to ratify the agreement in 2015.

According to Mr. Hammond, he has stumbled on some fresh information which makes him regret seconding the motion to ratify and that that information bothers on “gross representation” on the information available to Parliament when the agreement was ratified.

 The allegation of gross representation, was last Friday denied by AMERI when officials of the company met with the Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament.

“Mr. Chairman, any allegation(s) of gross misrepresentation in our view are totally misconceived and utterly false”, a statement submitted by AMERI to the Committee read.

It explained further: “Hon. K.T Hammond, who was a member of the Committee and remains so today, claims that the Committee was subjected to misrepresentations by its own members thereby challenging its own actions and the legality of same. Hence, putting the proceeding of this Committee into question and doubt. 

 “Mr. Chairman, “gross misrepresentation” […..define]. If the question of misrepresentation arises as claimed through the motion of Hon. K.T. Hammond, then such accusation is on the Committee. 

 “As the subject in question revolves around the legality and merits of the proceedings of this Honourable Committee as well the proceedings of the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana, therefore the respondent for such a proceeding can only be this Committee itself.

“This being so, the matter relates to same party of the BOOT Agreement, therefore Ameri Energy is not legally liable for any clarifications in this context, thereby being a bona fide party to the BOOT Agreement has its legal rights fully safeguarded and guaranteed under the terms of the Agreement and the applicable law.

Any action taken against Ameri under these proceedings will be illegal, unlawful and without merit.

 “We wish to put on record that all actions of Ameri Energy, since its entry into Ghana, has been in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Ghana and indeed this Honourable Committee has had the opportunity to review the transaction and positively recommended the transaction to the House for approval and subsequent ratification. Mr. Chairman, any allegation(s) of gross misrepresentation in our view are totally misconceived and utterly false.”

Meanwhile, America stands to benefit from a judgment to the tune of $2. 04 billion, which is about quadruple the contract sum if the government of Ghana abrogates the agreement midway.

 Sadly, the fine details of the issues are further blurred by the seeming partisan position adopted by the Minority in Parliament, as they decided to stage a political walk-out of the Committee instead of folding sleeves to jaw-jaw.


Source: thePublisher

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