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KITSS Therapeutics introduces advanced hemostat with woundheal technology to Ghana

Ghanaian medical device and service company, KITSS Therapeutics, has introduced an innovative and game-changing product which rapidly stops bleeding, speeds up clotting time and heals wounds faster.

The hemostatic product, BLOODSTOP and BLOODSTOPiX will revolutionize the treatment and management of wounds, surgeries and burns in the Ghanaian medical space.

BloodSTOPiX Advanced Hemostat with WoundHEAL, registered with the Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA), Ghana is a clinically proven revolutionary hemostatic dressing and wound healing matrix that provides rapid hemorrhage control, reducing blood loss. Unlike other wound care products with the single benefit of hemostasis, BloodSTOP iX also seals the wound to prevent contamination, providing a moist wound environment for proliferation of tissue growth, making BloodSTOP iX a total wound care solution.

It is an all-natural, plant-based, biocompatible and water-soluble etherified sodium carboxymethyl cellulose matrix that utilizes patented technology to achieve superior hemostasis. It contains no animal, human, or added-chemical components and is very cost-effective.

BloodSTOP iX is a total wound care solution for general surgery, traumatic injury, oral surgery, surgical bleeding control, to chronic ulcer wound care and possess a myriad of other specialties.

Chief Executive Officer of KITSS Therapeutics, Eulalie Deganus speaking at the launch described BLOODSTOP and BLOODSTOPiX as a game-changer for the Ghanaian medical space. To her, this revolution has been much awaited and she expressed eagerness to work with the country’s health sector to prevent blood loss-related deaths.

Providing further insights into the hemostat, she stated, “At the wound interface, upon contact with blood, exudates, or body fluids, BloodSTOP iX quickly turns into a transparent sticky gel, and activates the intrinsic coagulation cascade, thus accelerating clot formation. The protective gel seals the wound without irritation, and minimizes blood loss. The biocompatible gel provides an ideal environment to promote generation of new tissue growth, and reduction in scarring. For surface wound, BloodSTOP iX stays moist when covered with a secondary dressing. It rinses off easily with sterile saline or sterile water, leaving no residue and without disruption of the clot. Applying the same technology to combat and traumatic injuries where hemorrhagic shock causes high mortality, BloodSTOP iX Trauma Matrix effectively stops heavy bleeding and creates a strong protective seal over the wound.”

“Combined with a compression dressing, this feature is especially important on the battlefield or accident site for sustained and stable bleeding control during long transport time to definitive treatment.”

Deputy Minister for Health, Hon Mahama Asei Seini, graced the launch at African Regent Hotel and lauded KITSS Therapeutics for introducing the BLOODSTOP and BlOODSTOP iX technology to Ghana. He described the move as the commendable one and promised government’s unwavering support towards the company and their efforts to improve upon healthcare delivery in Ghana.

The obviously impressed minister shared, “It’s intriguing that this technology is available in Ghana today and I am very happy about that. Just as KITSS Therapeutics has done, I urge every Ghanaian who visits other countries and chances upon new technologies to bring it to Ghana. Just as I have witnessed today the efficacy of BLOODSTOP and BlOODSTOP iX, we will work on a policy to make it readily available all over the country, and also encourage such technologies at the cabinet level. We can achieve a better Ghana and make wound care treatment much simpler and reduce pressure on the national blood bank through hemostatic technology.”

KITSS Therapeutics is a team of professionals that focus on the use of traditional plant-based methods incorporated with technology, to provide nationwide healthcare solutions. The organization is focused on providing healthcare solutions that are safe and budget-friendly to all.

KITSS Therapeutics is the sole manufacturers’ representative of BLOODSTOP and BLOODSTOP IX, the revolutionary and innovative time-saving solution for controlling bleeding in trauma and other surgical care.

Given its rapid blood control capabilities, KITSS believes BLOODSTOP and BLOODSTOP IX will be highly suitable for controlling excessive bleeding, derived from road accidents, emergency trauma, and occupational safety and other first Aid situations thereby saving lives.

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