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Kweisey Pee: Current crop of Ghanaian musicians doing ‘one way’ music

One of Ghana’s most favourite musicians Kwesi Addae Poku  known widely as  Kweisey Pee has rebuked  the current crop of musicians in Ghana saying they sound the same too much.

According to him, too much copy on the part of these musicians has made it difficult for people to understand what they are actually doing in the music space.

“Most of the artists here in Ghana when you listen to them you will hear the same thing every single day. So you don’t actually understand what they want to do.    If Kofi’s sound is like Kojo’s sound and Kojo’s sound like Kofi’s sound, then it’s like we are going round the same circle.” Kweisey Pee told GTV in an interview.

He also accused the new artistes of leaving the precious Highlife music in the hands of Nigerians who according to Kweisey Pee are now fusing it with sweet melodies to suit the today music market globally.

“Highlife belongs to Ghanaians but our brothers from the other side have taken it and twisted it in other way and then call it Afro Beat and now we are chasing them to copy from them”, he chided.

“They’ve done something different. Like the way they put their melody together. Their music now is more melodic than we Ghanaians because I think we are stacked. It says that we are totally lost”, he added.

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