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Kwesi Botchway For President

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Renowned Economist cum academic and former Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, Professor Kwesi Botchway has been agreed on as the most ideal presidential candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the 2020 polls, THE PUBLISHER has been told by credible persons from the decision-making ranks of the party.

The decision makers, has however decided to keep the matter under wraps, at least away from the rabble-rousers, while a silent search for a suitable running mate capable of significantly enhancing the political attraction of Prof. Botchway continues in full swing.

THE PUBLISHER also gathered that for a while now, strategic ‘Captains’ have opposed attempts by a notable trio ‘Old Guards’, led by a gray haired former bankroller, to lobby for an ‘Awhoi’ to run as veep with ex-President John Mahama.

While that combination may make sense currently, it lacks a succession avenue and even if the NDC wins, 2020, the party may have to get an entirely new face to compete in 2024.

Some of the factors, that motivated the seeming consensus to put up Prof. Botchway as the best bet is the fact that he has an impeccable track record as a ‘clean politician with little or no skeletons in his closet.’

Secondly, Professor Botchway, aged 75, is seen and accepted as an elderly father figure that is not aligned any power block. It was for this credibility and ability to unite that he was made to chair the recent post-election fact finding committee, which came out with a report that has been unanimously accepted by the party.

Prof. Botchway is also known to have mastery and a reputable reputation in the economic and financial management fraternity, a trait which would come in handy if he is to contest against an Akufo-Addo/ Bawumia slot in 2020.


One critical factor that has dominated discussions over the best running mate for Prof. Botchway has been a meticulous scrutiny of indicators that determine the strength and level of contribution by each region to the electoral fortunes of the NDC over the years with particular reference to the 2012 polls.

Region by Region, the NDC has been discussing the respective contribution to victory margin, contribution to aggregate votes and percentage of parliamentary seats won.

The Volta, Greater Accra and Northern Regions have been suggested as ideal to pick a running mate from for Prof. Botchway

And names that have come up strongly include former Speaker of Parliament Doe Adjaho from the Volta, Prof. Joshua Alabi from Greater Accra and Sylvester Adiman Mensah, who strategically would satisfy both the Volta and Greater Accra Regions.

Alban Bagbin and Haruna Idrissu have also been mentioned as potential veeps from the North.


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