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Lapaz Intersection to Undergo Safety Enhancement Works


The Lapaz intersection of the N1 Highway is set to undergo some road safety enhancement works scheduled to begin from Monday September 17.

The enhancement works, being supported by the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA), Department of Urban Roads (DUR) and Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS) under their Partnership for Healthy Cities program, is expected to be completed within 68 working days.

The works include; increasing the pedestrian signal timing, lowering of kerbs at places where pedestrians cross, remarking of pedestrian crossings and other pavement markings, narrowing of lane widths, widening of the median refuge, replacing damaged signals and crash barriers.

“This intervention follows safety inspections carried out by the AMA and MRS on the highway as part of efforts to enhance pedestrian safety and improve safety of other road users at the intersection.

“We urge all road users commuting through the Lapaz intersection on the Ni highway and its immediate surroundings to bear with the authorities for any inconvenience this may cause, as we work to improve road safety at this intersection,” the AMA said in a statement dated Monday September 9.

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