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Last Day At Work Phenomenon


For most people today is the last day of work. They say, the last day of work before the holidays can be awkward and stressful. Tons of reports, plethora of last minutes, many things happening at the same time and the usual Christmas lethargy. Another fact is many people decide it’s time to start a new career path so they won’t be resuming.

Whether you’re departing on a high note or a low one remember it will always be remembered. This is because last impressions are just as important as first ones.

Mend Fences

Avoid stirring up conflict.  If you have a long misunderstanding with anyone, or had said disparaging or derogatory about your bosses, or your co-workers; negativity will only hurt potentially important relationships and make you seem bitter, apologise. Be remembered as someone who made positive contributions

Say personal goodbyes to co-workers

If you’ve already built a good relationship with your co-workers, this step should be easy. A personal take care and have a beautiful holiday to everyone will ensure that your relationships end on a good note—even if they don’t last beyond the office. They could call during the holiday even. Pay a nice and honest compliment to everyone regarding how nice it was to work with them this year.

Thank the Boss

It cannot hurt to check in and thank your boss for a great year. Be positive. Think of the great things they do. If you are having a hard time figuring it out cos she / he is a shitty person, keep it minimal.

Tidy Up

Ideally you should have finished all of your work projects before your last day of work in the year. Spend a few hours and make sure that the company won’t have a disaster before the New Year. Staying professional to the last minute is a good policy. Despite the many distractions of the holiday season, stay focused on the work at hand, and try not to leave projects all over the place.

Get their Phone Numbers

Stay in touch during the holidays. Make sure you are not the colleague that call only when you need an office favour.

Clean up

It may seem like a no-brainer, make sure you don’t leave dirty stuff, food, perishable stuff in your locker. Office supplies, files, hardware, software, and furniture are typically property of the company and should stay at the office except you are working from home.

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