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The Legions host inaugural Ghana Speaks debate

In a gathering marked by enthusiasm and anticipation, The Legions, a newly formalized youth-led civil society organization, played host to the inaugural Ghana Speaks debate.

The event, held on Saturday, April 27th, 2024, at UNIMAC auditorium, bustling with energy, served as a platform for dialogue, discourse, and discovery, setting the stage for transformation in Ghanaian politics and beyond.

As the Executive Director of The Legions, Mr. Willis Cobby Iddirisu, took to the podium, the audience was greeted with a powerful message of hope and purpose. He underscored the organization’s commitment to accountability, truth, inclusion, and equity, outlining a vision that seeks to foster Ghana’s growth while championing the rights and aspirations of its youth.

The Ghana Speaks debate, themed around the pressing issues facing Ghana’s youth, was more than just a clash of opinions; it was a call to action.

The inaugural edition of the Ghana Speaks Debate featured prominent youth speakers and leaders from five major political parties in Ghana which included The New Patriotic Party (NPP), The New Democratic Congress (NDC), Movement for Change, Convention People’s Party (CPP) and United One Ghana, engaging in lively debates on topics ranging from their policies on the economy, health, education and unemployment as well as political reform.

Participants from the various political parties and student leaders engaged in a spirited exchange of ideas, with a focus on crafting policies that address the challenges confronting the younger generation.

According to Michael Sarfo-Kantanka, rep for Movement For Change, Hon Alan Kyerematen in his wisdom and pursuit has put young people at the core of his campaign and at the core of the beneficiaries of his policies.

He further stated that ,“It’s about time Ghanaians concern and joined their movement that has now formed an amalgamation called an Alliance for Revolutionary Change with like-minded people positioned at such a point in our country ‘s history to reverse and reset the country, to reverse the mess that the country have been holding for the past 32 years.”

NDC’s rep, Julian Mawuse Cobbinah, concluded by emphasizing the need for Ex President John Mahama to take over the affairs of the country again.

“What truly is at stake on 7 December is a historic moment for this country, it is not a game. The destiny of our country is on the line. Now morals don’t matter in this republic, people steal our public resources and nobody cares.

“If you truly are concern about government that hold accountable for 200 million dollars that goes to people’s pockets that the so called digital system couldn’t solve you must have a chance in deciding the future of this country. We have a chance to vote for Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang to prove to young women that they have a place in the constructing of the country’s future.” He said.

All the representatives concluded by providing reasons why they deserve the votes of the people to attain power and enhance the country’s economic status.

The event drew praise from attendees for its commitment to fostering understanding and promoting inclusivity. Many lauded The Legions for providing a platform where diverse voices could come together to shape the future of Ghana.



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