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Love Affair: 3 Ways to Know If Your Work Is Affecting Positively


Balancing love, relationship and your work can be difficult. It requires some level of sacrifice and commitment especially if you have a strenuous work. But it crucial that you never put your love life in precarious circumstance as work will never hold yo, kiss you, and tell you that everything will be okay.

People are more important than work especially your partner. Someone you gave your words you will love and take care of.

Here are tell-tale signs you are letting your work affect your love life

You are Always Busy

If you want a relationship, simply start making time for one. Working all hours of the day and night doesn’t leave much time for love. If you’ve given up on dating because you’re swamped, or you’re in a relationship but keep missing time with your partner because you’re putting in overtime at the office, think about revaluating your priorities. The truth is that your priorities are ultimately in your control. And if you’re in a relationship but keep choosing work over your partner — no matter how understanding your partner may be — you’re still missing out on quality time together.

You Are Using It as an Excuse

If you are using work to avoid relationship issues. Or always hiding under then I am busy cliché then your work is affecting your life. Focusing on your career is great, especially if it’s a career you enjoy and feel passionate about. But sometimes immersing yourself in work is a convenient excuse for avoiding aspects of your life that you’re less satisfied with.

Acknowledging your relationship concerns will give you a sense of control over the situation so you can approach it more proactively and move forward.

You Take Out The Pressure Of Work On Your Relationship

If you are relying too heavily on your relationship to counteract your unhappiness at work, and constantly find yourself looking to your partner as your sole source of joy and fulfilment. Even if you have a great relationship, it’s unreasonable to expect that one aspect of your life can meet all your needs. So recognize if you’re putting pressure on your partner, and decide to release your grip. From there, you can try to find some balance.

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