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Love Affair: To Win A Heart Through Singing

They spoke for a while and before they realized, they had become good friends. From that point henceforth, they were always seen together. Whenever they had very little or nothing to do, they would just meet up and kill time through conversations.

But there was a problem. Adiepena was not working as she was supposed to. Ebo, her master wasn’t happy about it. He had tried several times to instill change in her but proved futile. Sometimes, he spanked her or caned her but she remained the same.

His last resort was to report the case to Nana Kantamanto Amonoo Tandoh. He did report and Nana didn’t hesitate to warn him never to see the girl again else he will see his bad side. As usual, Aggrey wasn’t moved by his father’s threat.

Their friendship continued to blossom beautifully like the winter jasmine. It was somehow a secret friendship since the safety of Adiepena depended on it. They usually met when the chiefs met at the palace for a meeting or when people were out of sight.

In Aggrey’s entire life, he always wanted to sing which was rare. Singing was usually done by drunkards under the coconut tree where the ‘nsafufuo’ was sold. So the very first time Aggrey informed her parents that he wanted to do music, they thought he had started to take alcohol.

“Only drunkards sing. I won’t allow my son to become one. Over my dead body would I permit that.” Nana Kantamanto Amonoo Tandoh declared. Aggrey had already made up his mind so the little opportunity he had, he sung with it. Anytime, Nana heard him sing, he would order him to stop so Aggrey took his singing to the river side. The sounds of the trees and birds created a rhythm which he sang through.

Along the line he made a guitar using a wood and stripes of ropes. From time to time he learnt how to play the self-made guitar. He had an amazing voice which he always sung with while playing the guitar. He sung for Adiepena anytime they met and she loved every bit of it.

Years passed quickly like the speed of light. Aggrey grew into a responsible young adult whose handsomeness fascinated almost everyone especially the girls in the town. He also grew into a better singer and guitarist and that was a plus. Aggrey known for his independence, strived so hard to achieve something great for himself unlike his siblings who were happy enjoying everything they had on a silver platter of gold.

Aggrey went from town to town singing at durbars, weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies. When he had no gig to play, he usually visits the girls fetching water at the river side to sing for them mostly because of Adiepena. Sometimes, he sung for the fishermen who in turn reward him with lot of fishes. Sometimes he rejected and other times too he was forced to take.

His popularity grew beyond his wildest imagination to the extent that even his father wanted him to play for him but the problem was that he couldn’t ask him because he had discouraged him in the beginning. One time, Nana Kantamanto Amonoo Tandoh hosted some important guest who requested for Aggrey to sing for them. He sent his guards to go and fetch Aggrey but he refused to show up. They went back again and he refused to show up. Realizing that he might be disgraced, Nana Kantamanto Amonoo Tandoh himself went to Aggrey.

He wasn’t happy Aggrey declined his numerous calls. “My king, I didn’t mean to disregard your invitation but I was scared that the palace guards might be telling lies. Moreover, you have never wanted me to do this so I thought if I did sing before you, you might get angry.” Aggrey explained. “Don’t worry my Prince.

I know I was against you doing music. I didn’t know it will make you such a great person that you have become. Growing up, our fore fathers taught us that singing was only done by drunkards and the examples they cited made us believe them. I am very sorry for not believing in you and also discouraging you. My prince, I wouldn’t want to bore you with too much talks. My guests are waiting. Kindly come with me and perform for them.” Aggrey was shocked to hear his father apologize to him calling him ‘Prince’ was a plus.

Aggrey went on to perform for his father’s guests. It was a spectacular performance. Everyone gathered enjoyed his showmanship and they appreciated with a resounding clap. After his performance, most of the guest’s requested that he come to play for them at their events.

He gladly accepted but didn’t hesitate to tell them that his services will be paid for. All of a sudden, Aggrey became greatest pride of Nana Kantamanto Amonoo Tandoh. He showered them with the best of praises and appellations.

The least opportunity he had, he said something positive about Aggrey. Aggrey’s mother was the happiest. In the past, her rivals teased her that her only son wasn’t loved by Nana Kantamanto Amonoo Tandoh but now the whole town and neighboring towns loved him. Just as joseph’s brothers, Aggrey’s siblings became envious of him.

Wait! You. Yes you. What do you think will happen to Aggrey? Is he secretly going to be sold off to some slave trader at the blind side of their father? Please leave a comment below as we wait for the forth episode to come next week. Thanks for reading.


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