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Love Affair: Touching Letter To Partner


At this point in time, Aggrey had achieved a great feat for himself and his family. One thing was missing though. Can you guess? Yes! Your guess is as good as mine. He had no one to call his woman or wife although he had someone in mind. His problem was that his family may not accept her because she was a slave. You know whom I am talking about right? Yes. She is Adiepena, his very good friend and a slave of Ebo. One early morning, he sat by the river side and he sang songs of love and sorrow. Sadness was written all over him and the music he played. Around that same time, Adiepena came around to fetch water. She heard him singing and as usual went to him. She found Aggrey in an unusual mood. The wide smile he always wore was no more. She sat beside him and asked what was wrong with him

Aggrey:      I have for a while been searching for a woman to marry. I finally found someone but the problem is my father might not permit me to marry her.

Adiepena: [surprised] wow! You found a woman and you are now telling me?

Aggrey:      I am sorry please. I was just waiting for the right time to tell you.

Adiepena: I am not offended ok. I am happy for you all the same. [She said although she didn’t meant it] Also I thinks you should be the man that you are. Sit your father down and talk to him. I am hopeful that he would accept the girl of your choice.

Aggrey: thanks for the advice. I will do exactly that.

They smiled at each other. They were both silent for some time until Adiepena broke the silence.

Adiepena: Aggrey, do you love her a lot?

Aggrey: yes I do. With all my heart, body and soul.

Adiepena: can you live without her?

Aggrey: I wouldn’t even imagine living without her. I would probably die.

Adiepena: come on. Just tell me her name.

Aggrey: Adiepena [Aggrey said looking straight into her eyes.]

Adiepena was shocked to hear that. Aggrey held her hand and told her how he has been in love with her all this while that they have been friends.

Adiepena: It can’t be possible. I am nobody. Your family wouldn’t support you on this.

Aggrey: But you were the same person who advised me to talk to my father for he may accept.

Adiepena: I know but please you know your father does not like me. On several occasion, he had warned you to stay away from me.

Aggrey: That was in the past. Things have changed now and I am ready to do everything to have you.

Adiepena: hmmm but why me? A common slave as I am.

Aggrey: Don’t say that. You not a common slave. I have always admired and loved everything about you from afar. You are respectful, down to earth, you have great sense of humor, a listening ear, and an impeccable beauty. You basically have all the qualities. We have been friends for a long while and we know ourselves inside out. I know you are the right woman for me. Please give me your love and I will do everything for you.

Adiepena: I am scared Aggrey.

Aggrey: Don’t be my dear. Just give me the chance to be your boyfriend and your future husband. Just say you love.

Adiepena: I love you.

Aggrey: repeat that again.

Adiepena: I said I LOVE YOU

Aggrey was very excited. He was just jumping around, gave her a kiss on the cheeks and decided to sing for her.

Adiepena (Adiepena)
Medi makoma ma wo enti Fa fa fa!
Wo ndwom nie ntsi sɔre sa sa sa
Ɔmo su kuraa na medo wo more moore!

Mu ayɛ ayaa ensu mintsele oo
Atanfo ɔnie ewu ahaa
Ɔmo sie yɛ dɔ yɛ deɛ dangbele oo
Atanfo ɛnie ewu ahaa
3ntsi me pɛ sɛ me kakyere wu Maame sɛ
Wu yɛ M’adiepena makoma memma
Eduru anadwe aa menhu woa menda

Adiepena (Adiepena)
Medi makoma ma wo entsi Fa fa fa!
Wo ndwom nie ntsi sɔre sa sa sa
Ɔmo su kuraa na medo wo more moore!
Adiepena aayy!
(Ebi like edey pain dem oo)
Adiepena aayy!
(Ebi like edey pain dem oo)
Nanka ɛbeyɛ den na ayɛ wuya
Entsi mengyie wu na menyɛ dien
Oo medo ee
Entsi mengyie wu na menyɛ dien
Oo medo ee (aahh)
Jealousy go shame, against baa gbo
Jealousy go shame oo
Jealousy go shame, against baa gbo
Jealousy go shay shay shay shay
Shay SHAME! Adiepena

Adiepena danced beautifully to the song. After the ‘music and dance’ section, they shared a romantic moment together where they discussed how they want their relationship to be. Adiepena had spent enough time at the river side and her master was waiting for her to come and cook for the family. They said their good byes and went their separate ways but maintained an equal mood of love and happiness. Aggrey couldn’t wait any longer to disclose his plans to his father. He arrived at home to find his father in the palace alone. “This is my chance.” He thought to himself. He greeted his father, Nana Kantamanto Amonoo Tandoh who in turn welcomed him and asked him to sit.

Aggrey: My king! Respectfully I want to inform you that I am ready to marry.

Nana: Oh that is a good news my Prince. I am really happy for you and glad you are planning to settle down. That will make you a complete man. Funny thing is I held discussions with Kontihene Ebo not too long ago about a possible union of you and his beautiful daughter, Kukua.

Aggrey: My king I already found someone.

Nana: Oh wow that’s great. Who is she?

Aggrey: She is Adiepena, a slave of Kontihene Ebo.

Nana Kantamanto Amonoo Tandoh rose up in fury. His anger was gradually rising. He blatantly refused to accept a slave into his home his daughter in law.

Aggrey: But my king, that is my choice.

And your choice is a bad one which I would never agree to it as long as I breathe. NEVER [Furiously] and remember slaves marry slaves and royals marry royals. Get that through your thick scull. Now leave my palace.

Back in Ebo’s house, Adiepena also told Ebo that Prince Aggrey had proposed to marry her. “you must be out of your mind if you think I will permit you to marry him when I have far more beautiful daughters whom I want to marry off to the prince.” Ebo said angrily. “But we love each other.” Adiepena cried out. “Love my foot what do you know about love? Something must be wrong with you. Before I close and open my eyes, you better disappear into your room. You bad luck of a woman. I have toiled all these years and you simply want to spoil all that in a day. hoooo witch.”

Both Aggrey and Adiepena were broken hearted. They shared uncontrollable tears. How were they going to tell each other that their respective guardians had refused their union?

Wait! You. Yes you. What do you think will happen to Aggrey and Adiepena? Is their union going to be possible? Leave a comment below as we wait for the fifth episode to come next week. Thanks for reading.


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