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Madam Minister, Jump Or Be Pushed!


In just under four years, appointees of the President Nana Akufo Addo have continued to give Ghanaians enough reasons to doubt their commitment to serve the country.

Days ago, it was the Deputy Trade Minister, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah who breached some COVID 19 protocols by showing up at a registration centre in the ongoing registration exercise when he ought to be in isolation as everyone does.

Mr. Carlos Ahenkorah admitted on Accra based Asempa FM that he visited voter registration centres with full knowledge that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

To further muddy the waters, the Deputy Minister told the host he sees nothing wrong with his actions and defended his conduct by claiming that he adhered to all the social distancing and health protocols, implying that he did not put anyone at risk.

He said he felt he needed to show up in a public place with his Covid-19 status because he didn’t want his constituents to speculate on his absence at the start of the voter registration exercise.

Just as the dust on this ‘Carlos’ act is about settling, the Minister for Special Development Initiatives, Hawa Koomson at another voter registration centre shows up with a gun in the name of a certain useless self-defence.

Just like that of Carlos, Minister Hawa Koomson is out justifying this rather shameful act.

She claims the decision to carry a firearm to the area was a means of personal protection.

Be that as it may THE PUBLISHER finds the minister’s reasons for firing the weapon untenable and rather useless to say the least.

The minister must not take us for fools by looking at our faces and lie to us as she just did. Her action was premeditated and one intended to embarrass the president who appointed her.

The paper finds it odd and wonders if the minister thought she was approaching a war zone for which reason she carried a live weapon.

Assuming that something happened which was an attempt on her life, where was her official body guard? What at all could have happened to the extent that she had to fire her own weapon? Where were the police officers at the polling station where she visited? Couldn’t those police officers at the registration centre have moved to rescue her if indeed her life was in danger as she wants the whole world to believe?

Clearly, there are many questions than answers. In any case this Minister must be fired immediately.

Ministers and other appointees of the president who behave like demigods with so much pride and disrespect to the very people who voted for them must bear in mind that they are to provide leadership, at all times.

In the instant case, the minister if she won’t voluntarily resign as in the case of Carlos must be fired to show that the president in actually in control and would not condone any act of tomfoolery among any of his appointees.

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