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Mahama Suffering from “Deliberate Amnesia”


The Deputy Minister of Information Pius Enam has responded to suggestions by former President John Mahama that President Akufo-Addo is the father of political party vigilantism in the country.

According to him, the former President suffers from “deliberate amnesia”.

“I do not want to believe that Mr. Mahama is ignorant of his own party’s history and the history of our democratic evolution, I think that Mr. Mahama is deliberately being forgetful.”

Mr Hadzide asserted that Mr Mahama’s party the NDC introduced the monster called vigilante groups into our body politic, insisting they formed the “Azorka Boys” that unleashed terror not only on opposition elements but sometimes on members of the NDC who were seen as not towing the line. “Remember what happened to Obed Asamoah, Frances Assiam and co at the NDC congress in Koforidua?” Mr. Hadzide quizzed.

Mr. Mahama and his party then in government paid lip service to dealing with this menace. The deliberate inaction of Mr. Mahama’s party and the open support that Azorka enjoyed from the NDC emboldened them and they got even crazier, Mr Bamba of the NPP then responded by forming a counter group the Bamba Boys. That is the history and every serious political watcher knows this. Mr Mahama cannot miss this unless it’s “deliberate Amnesia” he added.

If President is father to anything at all, then he is father to the solution of a problem they in the NDC created. There is now a Presidential Commission inquiring into political vigilantism.Mahama had countless opportunities to  deal with vigilantism and political violence and squandered those opportunities because he was a direct beneficiary of those acts.

The recent keep fit activities of the NDC which launched Mr Mahama Mahama’s come back also birthed another vigilante group the Hawks who were involved in gun battle at the Ashanti Regional party office in which one was killed. Known associates of Mr Mahama have admitted to sponsoring these groups so what is Mr Mahama talking about, he asked?

The Deputy Minister again posited that its only deliberate amnesia that can make Mr Mahama posit that He performed better when in fact the Cedi declined 44.05% under first two years of Mahama and 15.87% under the first two years of Akufo-Addo.

“Mr Mahama does not even remember why he lost the 2016 elections and keeps giving varied excuses for his abysmal performance; from God’s will through lame horse, dishonest party structures, to NPP propaganda etc. Another clear case of deliberate amnesia. Maybe  I should remind that Ghanaians rejected the toxic mix of incompetence and corruption.”

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