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Man appeals for funds for penis enlargement surgery


Most people would shy away from sharing intimate details about their sex life with the general public, but one man is relying on the kindness of strangers to address a couple of key issues in his life.

Taking to GoFundMe to share his story, the man, identified as Joe, from Queensland, lays bare the situation, the MailOnline reports.

What Joe is after, is a vasectomy, circumcision and penis enlargement – so pretty major surgery .

The catalyst for this boils down to two things. The first is he’s adamant he doesn’t want any more kids.

“Me and my wife had our first child over a year ago and as great as our lil girl is, I’d like her to be the last we ever have (my wife wants more),” he writes.

“We can barely afford one let alone however many more, so please help neuter me and reduce over population.”

But despite his admirable eagerness to not overburden the planet, this is not the most crucial procedure for him.

He continues: “This is the most expensive surgery but not the most important.”

Joe reveals he also requires a circumcision and penis enlargement, and says it’s his wife’s disappointment with his “micro penis” that’s spurring him on.

“I will never be able to afford this surgery on my own, with your help I can finally achieve my dreams of not having another kid and satisfying my wife.”

Joe is currently asking for the equivalent of £3,400 to help realise his dream and despite launching his crowdfunding page nine months ago, is still awaiting his first donation.


Source: Mirror

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