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Man drowns with brother he tried to save

YAW OWUSU, 21, has drowned together with his younger brother Kofi Babe, who is 19 years old.

The deceased brothers were said to be in a group of six people, who went for fishing around 12pm on Monday.

Kofi Babe started to drown when he stepped into the river so Owusu tried to save him but both of them drowned.

The heartbreaking incident happened in a river at Manso Watereso in the Ashanti Region, the paper has learnt.

Kofi Mensah, the Assembly Member for Manso Watereso Electoral, has also confirmed the unfortunate incident.

He said the six people, as usual, were going for fishing on Monday afternoon when unfortunately calamity struck.

According to him, some illegal miners had dug pits in the river in search for gold unknown to the six people.

Kofi Mensah said Kofi Babe unfortunately stepped into the pit and he started to drown, forcing him to cry for support.

Owusu, who could not stand the pain of seeing his blood brother drowned, jumped into the river to save Kofi Babe.

But unfortunately for the two brothers, they drowned together to the chagrin of other people at the scene.

Kofi Mensah said the sad incident was reported to the chiefs of Manso Watereso, who rushed to the river banks.

According to him, the traditional leaders had to perform some rituals before the two bodies were retrieved.

The Manso Watereso Electoral Area Assemblyman said the bodies have been dumped in the morgue for autopsy.

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