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Man orders 60 pairs of reading glasses for himself

A man mistakenly ordered 60 pairs of reading glasses after thinking he might have ordered 10 or 12.

Chris Arnold posted an image of his dad on social media with the stacks of boxes of glasses next to him.

The post has since gone viral on Twitter and accumulated over two million views.

“My dad has accidentally bought 60 pairs of reading glasses off the internet after misreading the quantity of his order,” the tweet read.

Tom Arnold, from Perranporth, Cornwall, thought he had ordered 10 or 12 pairs of reading glasses but was surprised to see the amount that had been delivered to his home on Sunday.

Speaking on BBC’s Anita Rani sits in, Tom was asked how he managed to buy so many pairs, and he replied: “I meant to buy 10.

“My wife and I often lose our reading glasses, so we buy a few and just leave them around the house and I accidentally clicked on 12 sets of five, so that was 60.”

Asked if he had his glasses on when putting the order in, Tom replied: “Well, I thought I did, but trying to remember back, I might not have had them on.”

Tom said he’s had a good laugh about it with family and friends after the mishap occurred and that he plans to keep 10 and return the other 50.

And, of course, Twitter reactions came pouring in…

Specsavers chipped in and said: “Do we even need to say it?”

Another person joked: “Always pays to have 59 spare pairs.”

While a third said: “He’ll probably have supervision next time…”

Some users took the opportunity to share their own mishaps

One replied: “A friend of mine ordered a turkey for Christmas and got lbs and kgs mixed up, the supplier kept asking if she was sure but she insisted, when it came it was too big to fit in the oven, they were eating it for months.”

While another user reposted an image of him receiving 42 pints of milk from the milkman, rather than just the two that were expected.

And one said their father had done the same, but it wasn’t a mistake. They added: “I think my dad bought about 50 reading glasses once, and it was not by mistake. He placed them at all spots he could come up with, so if he was ever looking for a pair, they would lay there.”


Source: Sky News

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