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Men! 5 Things To Do For Your Girl While On Her Period


1. Buy sanitary pads

Or tampons or menstrual cups or whatever she uses. Know the size, the brand your girl likes. Buy for her ahead of that time of the month, without being asked. You actually can’t mess this one up. It often shows you care about every facet of her life.

2. Become comfortable with the idea

If you are a guy that still gets freaked out or give disgusted facial expressions when women bring up menstruation talk, you need to look for a way to get used to the idea. It’s all natural and the last thing your babe wants is for you to be acting childish like that. Become comfortable with it. You actually should be worried for her if she does not do it. That’s how absolutely necessary it is.

3. Food

Yeah, bruh, food.

Both on Twitter and Instagram where a little survey was conducted, almost all the women who commented asked that food should be brought to them. So, there you have it guys, make sure you get your girl food when she’s on her period. You might want to consider not buying her sugary foods though, except she specifically requests. Eating sugary stuff on periods have been said to worsen cramps.

4. Physical contact

Women like belly rubs when they are on their periods. Aanu on Instagram, among many others, says “Pat her back, rub her tummy if you can” Lolah June adds on Twitter that while on her period, she would love her man to “rub my stomach and my back” but he has to “stop immediately I ask him to.” Also, you have to learn when to talk to her and when to leave her alone.

5. Period sex

Whether you feel weird about this or not, period sex is a thing and in fact, some women have been known to get so bloody horny [no puns intended] when on their periods than on normal days. This is a sensitive issue though, and whether to indulge her during that period is something you will both have to work about between yourselves.

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