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Men, Signs Your Girl Is a Psycho


When you fall in love with someone, you embrace their flaws and all. But there are times we see things that are too hard to ignore. But because we love them, we brush them off. Here are signs that the love of your life is a Psycho. Let me count the ways:

1. They need to know where you are AT ALL TIMES

From the moment they wake up to the time they close their eyes to sleep, they need to know your whereabouts and schedule that day.

2. Keeps tabs on your every activity and your social circle

They need to know what you doing ATM and who you’re talking to. Is it of the opposite gender and why you are associated with them and what is the nature of your convo/relations to them. The only women you are allowed to mingle with are your mother, sister, grandma, maybe a cousin or an aunt. Any other female outside that circle is A NO NO. Same with the guys if you’re a female.

3. Blows up your phone if you don’t pick up/reply to their calls/messages

You took a nap and you wake up to a hundred missed calls and messages in CAPS from baby where are you to WE ARE DONE, HAVE A NICE LIFE. Leaving threatening angry voicemails. They expect you to get back to them pronto.

4. If they don’t get a hold of you, they expect the worse from you

They assume you are cheating on them, ignoring them or avoiding them. They get aggravated every minute they don’t hear from you.

5. Chooses who you can be friends/acquainted with

If they don’t like your friends, they’ll tell you to stop talking to them or hanging out with them. If another female is breathing the same air as you, your girl gets territorial and shows the world who’s boss. Or your boyfriend wraps his arm around you and tells the other guys to get lost.

6. Tells you to dress/act according to their standards

They think you and your dress code is either too sleazy or too uptight or you looking too damn fine. She goes who you looking fine for, bitch? They even go shopping for clothes they want you to wear FOR THEM. Your style options embarrass them and they think their style is acceptable.

7. Checks your online activity

They screen your followers, your friends, your likes, your comments, your posts and even your profile picture! If they don’t like what they see, they let you know it by acting up. They will block people who they think are threats to your relationship and tells you to announce to the world who you’re dating so your followers know you are in a relationship with them.

8. Checks your Credit card/phone bill

They make sure every purchase is accounted for and what times and where you did you’re shopping when you weren’t around at a certain time. Checks every phone number and amount of texts you send and receive.

9. Throws tantrums when you are having way too much fun without them

They make you feel bad of having a good time when you are not together.

10. They have bipolar tendencies

They get so happy one moment with you, all lovey dovey and tells you how much they love you to psycho I hate you, wish I never met you!

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