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Men With No Teeth, Do Your Job Or Step Down!


Political hooliganism, though not a new phenomenon in Ghana, has become rampant and reaching crisis stages in the country in recent times despite repeated instructions from President Nana Akufo-Addo that such law breakers should be arrested and dealt with according to the laws of the country.

The instructions to arrest law breakers is clearly directed at the law enforcement t agencies, particularly the Ghana Police Service but it is not clear whether the Inspector General of Police has decided to ignore the directive from the President or he simply lacks the courage to do his job.

Either way, the IGP has no justification staying in office if the hooliganism continues and the perpetrators treated with kid’s gloves despite the public outcry and instruction from the President.

Even when such lawless souls are arrested, the Courts can only get them jailed based on the quality of investigation done and docket submitted by the Police Service.

It is curious that not a simple culprit has been used as a scape-goat despite the rising incidents of lawless souls that are continuously testing their individual might against that of the State of Ghana.

Just last Friday, Nana Addo was clear in his directive that ““Whoever falls foul of the law will be dealt with accordingly, and the law enforcement agencies, including the judiciary, must ensure that this is done… The application of the laws of the land will occur, in the words of the judicial oath, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will, and without recourse to the political, religious or ethnic affiliations of any citizen of the land.”

Nana Addo was speaking at the Ngmayem Festival of Manya Krobo, in the Eastern Region and it was about the fifth time he was giving the clear directive in recent times.

That is about all the resident can do. He cannot leave the Flag Staff House and move around the country arresting lawbreakers.

Assuming the IGP has no teeth to bite the law breakers, one wonders whether the Minister for National Security, Albert Kan-Dapaah, a highly educated individual and political icon is satisfied with the state of the country’s security.

If Kan-Dapaah is satisfied with the current state of Ghana’s security, he has no business remaining in off because that would mean he is not on he ground and has no idea what is happening.

If Kan-Dapaah is not satisfied with the current state of Ghana’s internal security and he has failed to remedy the anomaly for the past ten months, then it is clear he himself should humbly step down for a more capable hand to take over and restore some sanity.

The National Security Minister, the Interior Minister, the Defense Minister and their respective deputies are all political appointees that got into office courtesy the New Patriotic Party (NPP) winning power.

It is disappointing that these political appointees have suddenly forgotten that Ghanaians love their security more than any other thing and the slightest feeling of insecurity creates social crisis for the government of the day; the very government that appointed the about three Ministers and their respective deputies.

Citi FM, alone, has reported on 18 separate violent and attacks perpetrated by pro-NPP groups since the beginning of the NPP administration, the latest being the forceful locking up of some offices at the Karaga District Assembly by some NPP youth.

The lackadaisical attitude of the law enforcement agencies in tacking this crisis is fast eroding the confidence Ghanaian have in them and now some senior citizens and members of the clergy are publicly saying they do not feel safe in their homes.

Certainly, Ghanaians did not bargain for this and the President did not appoint his men only for them to stand akimbo and watch with a glee while lawlessness abounds and is creating problems for the government.

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