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Mind-blowing: 5 Clearcut Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Still Interested


1. He still tries to stay in touch with you. If you guys have already broken up, then there should be no reason for him to still want to engage in constant communication with you. He should be living his own life without you at this point.

2. He always manufactures ways to bump into you out of the blue. He is always looking to just “randomly” bump into you in public even when there’s really no reason for you to be in that same place after all. He’s desperate and he’s just trying to come into contact with you.

3. He still tries to fish for details about you and your life by asking other people that you both know. He still wants to be in the loop with your life. He still wants to make sure that he knows what you’re up to. He still feels incredibly invested in your life.

4. He still tries to stay in touch with the people in your life that he shouldn’t really have any connections with at this point. Of course, when you got into a relationship, your social lives might have merged somewhat. But he doesn’t want to lose that connection with you. He’s still holding on to those mutual relationships even if your relationship has already ended.

5. He asks a lot of questions to other people whenever he discovers that you’ve been dating. He really wants to keep tabs on your romantic life because he hasn’t let you go just yet. He still thinks that the two of you can still get back together. But he wants to make sure that he’s not competing with anyone else for your heart.

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