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Money changed Shatta Wale – Michy


Since the relationship between Michy and Shatta Wale went sour, there have been lots of rumors about what really caused the break-up but Michy in a recent interview detailed why she needed to go her separate way.

Taking her turn on Emelia Brobbey’s ‘Okukuseku Show’ monitored by The New Publisher, Michy said all she needed was Shatta Wale’s genuine love and companionship but unfortunately for her, she could not get as expected hence her decision to back out of the relationship.

According to Michy, contrary to what people think that she came to follow Shatta in order to be famous, she actually followed him because she cared for him.

Michy added that she loved Shatta Wale so much and saw a huge potential in him which she wanted to help develop. At that time, she confirmed Shatta lived in a small room in Nima, where the Dancehall Champion had started life.

Recollecting the humbling beginnings of the now “Dancehall King” she revealed that Shatta was mostly lonely at that time with no support from anyone insisting that not even the many friends around him today were available to assist him out of his struggles.

“I was a young girl coming up and when I met him, I said this is someone with a big talent and great vision. It was not about me being famous, no, it was mainly about him.”

Michy continued: “When I met him (Shatta), all he had was seventeen cedis (GH¢17). For the showbiz, my mum had made me believe that it was not good but as a young girl I was ready to explore. I really care that was why I stayed with him”.

She denied ever leaving Shatta because of cheating, stressing that even though their arguments turned violent sometimes, she never thought of leaving him.

Money Changed Shatta Wale

Recounting other aspects of her relationship with Shatta, Michy revealed that money influenced Shatta from how humble, caring, polite and good he was to her.

According to her, money took more control over Shatta in his several treatments to her.

“If men don’t have money or opportunities, they are more humble. They listen to more advice. There is a difference between when a man has money and when they don’t. The attention for him to listen and partner with you is much better when he does not have a lot”

Relationship Advice

She had an advice for young ladies that, they should never move to stay with a man without the blessings of their parents indicating that, her mother was against joining Shatta and his showbiz but as a young girl, she wanted to explore hence joining Shatta Wale’s life.

She advised that as a lady, it’s always imperative to ensure that your parents bless you before you move out because that blessing will lead your path to greatness.

“I will want to advice every young lady out there that it’s important to receive the blessings of your parents especially your mother before you leave your house for any man’s house or into any relationship,” she indicated.

On making the life of other people influence you to think you are lagging, Michy advised that patience is supreme in all things and that no one should allow for the life of another person to dictate the pace at which you move.


On October, 14, 2018 at the launch of Shatta Wale’s, “The Reign” album saw a surprise of marriage proposal.

Shatta at the concert openly proposed to Shatta Michy on stage, before the couple later shared a passionate kiss which obviously excited the crowd.

The proposal was sealed with a performance of their song, ‘Low Tempo’ after which Shatta Wale performed ‘Bulletproof’ by way of assuring Michy of love and security. The two are blessed with a son known as Majesty.

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