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Money saving tip for 2023 – Bring your lunch to work

Even though eating out for lunch is convenient, it can also be expensive, especially given Ghana’s current high cost of living. You can save money on food by bringing your lunch to work. In addition to being cheaper, it can also be healthier and more satisfying than food bought outside.

Buying lunch every day can quickly deplete your savings. Packing your lunch could save you up to GHS 50 per day, depending on where and what you eat. This amount of money can quickly add up to a significant sum for you to use for other important things.

Bringing lunch to work also gives you control over what you eat. You may not be aware of what is put into your food when you eat out at the restaurant or chop bar. By bringing lunch to work, you can choose healthy, nutrient-rich foods that align with your dietary goals and preferences.

Additionally, you have the option of customizing your lunch. For example, you can make your own “Gorb3” or “waakye” with your favorite ingredients, bring leftovers from the previous night’s dinner, or prepare a salad with your choice of greens and toppings. This will make your lunch more interesting, and you will be more satisfied with your meal.

Preparing your lunch can be done in advance, you can make a big batch of food over the weekend, or prepare your lunch the night before, so you can quickly grab and go in the morning. This can save you time and energy in the morning rush.

Bringing your lunch to work is a smart money tip that can save you money in 2023, help you eat healthier and more satisfying meals, and even save you time in the morning. It’s a simple habit that can have a big impact on your finances and well-being. So, start packing your lunch today and see the benefits for yourself.

A few essential items will make bringing lunch to work easier. An insulated lunch bag will keep your food fresh and at the appropriate temperature throughout the day. Reusable water bottles are also necessary to stay hydrated throughout the day.


Writer: Mohammed Lansah

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